What's new in GFI LanGuard

Version 12.10

Released: September 7, 2023

  • Apache version upgrade to 2.4.57

  • Agent installation fails in domains different than the LanGuard server

  • Unable to complete scans when two SW products exist with the same display name

  • Unable to retrieve default Computers OU

  • Program Updates failing on version 12.7

  • Operation profile corruption

  • Out of memory issues with 7zip

  • Failure to report installed and missing patches on macOS X 10.15.7

  • Windows Defender platform updates not showing as missing

Downloads and Upgrades:

For product downloads and information about upgrading GFI LanGuard, visit the GFI Upgrade Center.

If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us or an authorized GFI Partner directly.

Version 12.9

Version 12.9

Released: May 11, 2023

  • Upgrade Apache httpd to version 2.4.55

  • Agent update failures on 12.8, index.txt read as HTTP/1.1.

  • CMS Sync issues on GFI LanGuard

  • GFI LanGuard Report shows Users Being Removed and Added Repeatedly

  • Advanced filtering for specific relays

  • Filezilla patch 3.61.0 not downloading

  • Potential false positive detection of the FREAK vulnerability

  • Too many agent self pings during scans

Version 12.8

Version 12.8

Released: February 15, 2023

  • Upgrade Apache httpd to version 2.4.54

  • LanGuard is detecting Windows Server 2022 as Windows Server 2019

  • Script responsible for discovering Log4j Vulnerability not finding vulnerability

  • Unable to scan Linux CentOS 7 machines

  • operationsprofiles.7z gets corrupted after program updates or scan profile changes

  • The scheduled report is not honoring the two-month recurrence pattern

Version 12.7

Version 12.7

Released: May 3, 2022

  • Upgrade Apache httpd to the latest version, 2.4.53

  • Script responsible for discovering Log4j Vulnerability not finding vulnerability.

  • AntiSpyware Windows Defender disabled vulnerability showing even with Symantec Endpoint Security Installed.    

  • Windows 11 machines are detected as Windows 10 machines

Version 12.6

Version 12.6

Released: February 10, 2022

  • Improved support for patches for Windows Server 2012 R2  

  • Upgraded version of 7-zip installed with GFI LanGuard

  • Apache update to latest version 2.4.51

  • GFI LanGuard setup fails on Windows Server 2019 with SQL Server 2019   

  • Resolved wrong username or password when scanning CentOS 7.8  

  • Not recognizing Missing Security Updates in Ubuntu 20.04

  • The System cannot find the specified path" when Russian characters present in file path

  • Resolved CMS sync issues with the LanGuard console

  • Download patch size does not match with the expected file size   

  • Patch Auto Deployment filter is not working correctly

  • Most vulnerable computers not being reported by "Network Security Overview" report

  • The customer's Full audit report is missing the Computer Service tag on some devices    

  • Patch Auto-Download limited to 247 products - Not saving changes

  • Add Filter Properties dialogue box in wrong language    

  • Network Vulnerability Level gauge is small if LG installed in Japanese

  • Japanese LanGuard Alternative Credentials Status tab is empty (properties)    

  • Auditing Policies Configuration Wizard doesn't appear in Japanese

  • Network security history report in Italian LanGuard not working   

  • Fixed alerting options page not showing correct data

  • Fixed vulnerability in used log4net.dll

Version 12.5

Version 12.5

Released: January 14, 2020

  • Refreshed main desktop application icons

  • UI Gauge refresh in windows and reportS

  • Flattened all Report Chars

  • Scan via Hostname (support for networks where NTLM is disabled)  

  • Refactored reports to be in line with the latest PCI-DSS specifications.

  • Performance improvements on all reports (Central Management Console)

  • Sending email to Office 356 fails   

  • Scanning does not work with NTLM disabled

  • Central Management Console fails if only TLS 1.2 is active

  • Generating a scheduled report with filtered targets fails

  • Auto remediation happening on groups where it is disabled

Version 12.4

Version 12.4

Released: July 26, 2018

This new version of GFI LanGuard 12.4 brings in new support for Linux and macOS Operating Systems as well as numerous fixes.

  • Support Ubuntu 16.04 and later

  • Support macOS High Sierra (version 10.13)

  • Bitlocker disk encryption status

  • Synchronize with Active Directory

  • Reboot at specific times after remediation

  • Vulnerability Trend over Time

  • Version reporting of Windows 10

  • Scanning multiple computers simultaneously

  • Deadlocks when writing the database

  • Authentication issues with accounts.gfi.com

  • Vulnerability OVAL links

  • Various bug fixes and enhancements

Version 12.3

Version 12.3

Released: January 30, 2018

This new version of GFI LanGuard brings added support for macOS High Sierra, increased product security and improved reporting capabilities. Many additional customer reported fixes are also included with this release.

  • macOS High Sierra (10.13) Support

  • Update Apache to 2.4.29 

  • Verification of downloaded packages

  • Ability to specify custom SQL database name during installation

  • Updated charting/reporting component (desktop console)

  • Updated charting/reporting component (web console)

  • Unable to set the alternative credentials password for groups

  • Enterprise editions being switched to Education edition when installing Fall Creators update 1709

  • Custom scan is stuck in a certain scenario

  • Malware protection sensor is gray for Windows machines

  • Remediation including security sensors is grayed out

  • Updated Windows 10 OS version reporting

  • Loopback IP Address being reported from agent causes remediation to occur on LG machine

  • Redmediation enabled column does not updated until filter change

  • Several fixes to Japanese translations

  • Several fixes to Chinese translations

  • Recovery from corrupted scanresults.mdb

  • History of any scanned client computer is not available in German installation

Support added:
  • macOS High Sierra (10.13)
Upcoming changes to requirements:
  • Windows Server 2008

  • Windows Server 2008 R2

GFI LanGuard 12.3 is the last version that will support the console/web console installation on the following systems (agents will not be impacted)

Version 12.2

Version 12.2

Released: October 11, 2017

This new version of GFI LanGuard brings update capabilities for Windows 10 releases providing full support for automatically deploying Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary updates, the ability to run GFI LanGuard in environments without SSL or TLS 1.0, and customer requested enhancements including improved reporting of Linux machines.

  • Support for detecting and deploying Microsoft Windows 10 anniversary updates

  • Support environments where SSL and TLS 1.0 are disabled, supporting the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) compliance requirement

  • Support for scanning Linux computers using a SUDO account with private key authentication

  • Port 8733 is listening when the GFI LanGuard Service Update Service is running

  • Security sensors are showing Green instead of Grey for Linux machines

  • GFI LanGuard trying to scan Linux machine as Windows machine

  • Database file patchautodownload.mdb gets corrupted

  • Various other internal fixes and improvements

Version 12.1

Version 12.1

Released: February 21, 2017

In the latest version of GFI LanGuard, some changes have been introduced to the way licence keys are handled in the product. GFI LanGuard will now make use of account based licence key management, instead of manual inputting of product keys. By logging in with your GFI Customer Account credentials through the product’s interface, you will be able to automatically import your licence keys without manual copy-pasting. In addition to that, when there are changes to the keys (such as increase/decrease of units, or upgraded keys) the product will sync these changes automatically.

Via this update, we have also greatly improved product stability and product quality to ensure you get the smoothest experience when protecting and managing your network with GFI LanGuard. In addition to that, we have also included:

  • Sudo support for Linux scans. Enabling deeper control over scanning permissions by allowing admins to setup and use service accounts with sudo rights to conduct scans.

  • Post patch deployment reboot options. New post-deployment option to reboot devices only if a reboot is required by a particular patch. This additional option allows IT admins to choose between always rebooting a device, never rebooting a device, or only reboot the device if the patch requires a reboot.

  • Web Console access for multi-lingual accounts. Adding the ability for the Web central management console to be accessed (in English) for multilingual accounts.

  • Support for Windows Server 2016 Standard/DataCenter.

Version 12

Version 12

Released: April 21, 2016

The new GFI LanGuard version takes the product to a whole new level. In addition to the existing desktop user interface, this new version is powered by a NEW web-based reporting interface that provides easy remote access and improved scalability.