Why do I need a VPN – Virtual Private Network?


Enabling a remote workforce

A virtual private network (VPN) lets remote workers operate inside your corporate network as if they were inside your office building.

GFI offers KerioControl free for 30 days with all functionality including VPN


Why is this important?

If your team is working remotely, they may still be able to access cloud-based applications. However, it may be challenging or impossible to access corporate data and files.

This is by design; you don’t want your most important, private or compliance-regulated data to be compromised.


How do I establish a VPN?

A VPN has two simple components: The corporate network and the remote or home site. The VPN creates a pipe between the corporate network and home site. This extends the network to the home, in effect moving team members’ home offices into your building.

To do this, you create a point of potential, secure access for your network. GFI KerioControl is your network’s connection point as well as secure firewall defender. Remote workers download or receive a simple GFI KerioControl VPN client to install on their devices they use to connect to your network. Installing the client takes about two minutes.

With the client and their credentials, employees create the secure pipe into your network.


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What can I do with a VPN?

Employees can do everything on your network remotely that they could do when in your office. From a network standpoint, your team members are inside the building.

They can access your inside secure files, and you can choose to have them access the outside internet through the VPN.


Is a VPN expensive?

VPNs with GFI KerioControl are neither expensive nor difficult to install. GFI KerioControl is available as hardware or a virtual appliance. It comes in various sizes to suit 10-15 employees or 250 (with multiples available by simply adding other boxes). It can cost as low as £24.50 per user, per year.

Set up is easy for IT departments (plug it in to your network and configure it in less than 15 minutes). It’s even easier for your remote employees (download a client version and install in less than 2 minutes.