With the GFI KerioControl Administration API, you can programmatically access your GFI KerioControl server, integrate it with third-party solutions and write simple scripts to handle advanced administration tasks.

Connect over HTTPS, send a request in a well-known human-readable format (JSON) and receive a response in the same format.

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The administration API provides all actions that are available in the GFI KerioControl administration (our internal GFI KerioControl web administration uses the same API).

As an example, you can list Traffic Rules, add new Rules, edit HTTP Filters, read Logs, setup Bandwidth Management and much more with this sophisticated API.

Out of Scope

The following features are not part of this API:

  • GFI KerioControl StaR Reports

  • GFI KerioControl StaR statistics

  • GFI KerioControl StaR client

  • GFI KerioControl StaR Web Filter

  • Settings or configuration which is not available in the web administration. The only way is to set the appropriate configuration file.

Downloads and Documentation

Note: By downloading the APIs and VMware Virtual Appliance below, you agree to the Kerio SDK End User License Agreement.

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Client Library
Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP 1.4
Source Class, Documentation, Examples, Sample Applications
VMware Virtual Appliance
Based on Debian GNU/Linux, default root password: kerio


JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification

Kerio Operator
Provisioning Developer Guide 318 KB DOWNLOAD IN ARCHIVES



The Kerio API is built on solid foundations of JSON-RPC, whose advantages include easy-of-use code readability and wide support among different programming languages and publicly available libraries. For full JSON-RPC 2.0 specifications, click here.

Programming Libraries

You can also use the Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP for easy integration into your scripts and applications.