Quarantine management

GFI MailEssentials gives you the flexibility to choose what to do with spam and malware emails.

With the GFI MailEssentials spam tag add-on for Outlook, users can mark individual emails as 'spam' or 'not spam' directly from Outlook. You can delete, move to a folder on disk, forward to an email address, quarantine, or, in the case of spam, send to individual customizable folders, for example a junk mail folder in the end user's inbox.

GFI MailEssentials gives administrators the option of quarantining emails to a malware quarantine where access can be controlled. Flexible options for managing this quarantine include web-based access which enables you to approve and reject emails from any location where you can use a browser, for example an Internet connection, phone network with data plan, .etc, as well as email-based quarantine access forms and RSS feeds with links for reviewing, approving or deleting quarantined emails. This eliminates the need to log on to the quarantine store to manually check for new quarantine emails, simplifying the task of keeping an eye on your email quarantine store.

GFI MailEssentials can also be configured to quarantine spam emails and send a regular report or digest to end users listing the spam blocked for them and enabling them to manually release emails that they want to receive from the quarantine. End users can also access their own spam quarantine at any time through a web-based interface. Furthermore, end users can manage their own personalized blacklist and whitelist. You can also use automatic whitelist functionality to add outgoing email recipients to your whitelist which greatly reduces false positives without any need for any additional administration.

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