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Documentations - Exinda Network Orchestrator


Buyer's guide: How to choose a WAN optimization solution

In this whitepaper we explain how you can map your business needs to features of a WAN optimization solution, and eight things you should consider when evaluating a product.

Buyer's guide - How to choose a WAN optimization solution

Network troubleshooting: A how-to guide for modern businesses

The goal of this whitepaper is to provide network troubleshooting guidance for IT administrators of modern SMB environments, including the new challenges posed by the transformation to hybrid and cloud-first networks.

Network troubleshooting - A how-to guide for modern businesses


Exinda Hardware and Virtual Appliances Comparison Datasheet

Compare the various models of Exinda Network Orchestrator to find the one that fits your needs.

GFI Datasheet - Exinda Network Orchestrator - Appliances

Exinda Network Orchestrator Datasheet

See how you can deliver better application performance by managing your network

Exinda Network Orchestrator - Datasheet

Exinda Management Center Datasheet

See how you can manage multiple Exinda appliances

GFI Datasheet - Exinda Management Center

Hardware Appliance Datasheet

Learn more about each hardware appliance including physical form factor, interface capabilities and throughput potential.

Hardware Appliance Datasheet

Virtual Appliance Guide

Learn the role of the Exinda Appliance in your LAN and WAN, the physical installation, and an introduction to the Exinda web user interface.

Virtual Appliance Guide

Administrator Guide

Discover how to manage and optimize the deployment of Exinda Network Orchestrator in a virtual environment.

Administrator Guide

Application Performance Score

Learn how to create an Application Performance Score object for an application, and monitor and interpret the score.

Application Performance Score

Exinda Network Expansion Module Comparison

Exinda Network Orchestrator provides a wide range of network modules that can be added to the standard setup, offering greater flexibility and configuration options.

Exinda Network Expansion Module Comparison