What’s new in GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator

Version 7.5.6

Released: June 18, 2024

  • Application classification engine update with 86 new application signatures
  • Support for the new Exinda 8065 hardware device
  • UEFI Bios support
  • LACP - New CLI switch added to avoid bandwidth splitting at the circuit level
  • More accurate display of allowed features on the license pages

Downloads and Upgrades:

For product downloads and information about upgrading GFI Exinda NetworkOrchestrator, visit the GFI Upgrade Center.

If you have additional queries about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact us or an authorized GFI Partner directly.

Version 7.5.5

Version 7.5.5

Released: December 19, 2023

  • Application classification engine update with 214 new application signatures
  • Support for the new Exinda 4065 hardware device
  • Reducing the number of 'unclassified' applications being identified within Exinda as of the 7.4.4 release
  • UI branding update
  • Clustered crashes when creating/editing an application object on the master node
Version 7.5.4

Version 7.5.4

Released: April 25, 2023

  • The session is no longer valid, and only a reboot fixes it.

Version 7.5.3

Version 7.5.3

Released: December 20, 2022

Vulnerability fix:
  • Fixed critical vulnerabilities in cryptographic algorithms

  • Replaced insecure cipher suites

  • Application recognition engine update with 118 new signatures

  • HTTPS Edge Cache not working on sites with HSTS enabled on the server

  • Optimizer UI is showing the source filter Empty, but in the config the filter is enabled in the backend

Version 7.5.2

Version 7.5.2

Released: September 8, 2022

  • Application recognition engine update

Version 7.5.1

Version 7.5.1

Released: February 22, 2022

  • Fixed issue with policy name not displaying when matched by traffic in Exinda HA configuration

  • Fixed stability issue when there is an insufficient amount of free RAM

Version 7.5

Version 7.5

Released: May 4, 2021

Core Security Technology Updates:
  • Upgraded Apache to version 2.4.41

  • Upgraded OpenSSL to v1.1.1d

  • Upgraded OpenSSH to v8.0 (SSHv1 also made deprecated)

  • Updated squid to support new OpenSSL

  • Upgraded small management utilities like: ipmitool, wget, nslookup, nsupdate, dig, host, racoon, saslauthd ...

  • Added HTTP Security Headers

  • Handle network objects correctly with ampersand in the name

  • Do not allow more than one job to be run export tasks at the same time

  • Properly escape password export message during config export

  • Monitord shall not crash when connection to SQL server times out

  • Eliminating Binding not consumed warning + Couldn't load dynamic library from path error from logs

Version 7.4.13

Version 7.4.13

Released: May 28, 2020

  • Updated Classification Engine

  • New detected application/protocols

  • Improvements in multi-core CPU on Virtual Exinda with Acceleration (should be enabled via config)

  • Fixed Skype for Business (Video and Audio) Classification

  • Show link-state CLI command does not show if link-state is enabled or not

  • Exinda AD Connector not able to connect to Exinda after TLS 1.0 is disabled

  • Edge Cache command warning: No command structure registered

  • AAA ASCII authentication not working

  • PE2G6BPI35-SD-R NIC not recognized by Exinda

  • Uploading config to an SFTP server failing

Version 7.4.12

Version 7.4.12

Released: December 18, 2019

  • Reduced CPU utilization in accelerated clusters

  • Support for 40Gbps Network Card

  • Monitor Realtime - 1 Second refresh rate

  • Disabling cluster sync acceleration does not show in configuration

  • iPerf execution from WebUI is not retained when moving away from the tab

  • Disable RC4 on port 8015 and 443

  • iPerf not stopped by CLI command: no iperf

  • Realtime pages can be printed if No Refresh is specified for Auto-Refresh Rate

Version 7.4.11

Version 7.4.11

Released: October 4, 2019

  • New 8064 hardware platform

  • UI improvements to support a large number of policies

  • Hostname and Version number added to the login page

  • The appliance cannot connect to EMC via HTTP Proxy with basic authentication

  • TCL error when generating report after upgrade from 7.4.8 to 7.4.10

  • Disable weak SSH algorithms on Exinda

  • Security scan potential vulnerability - cookie does not contain secure attribute

  • Multicast traffic showing more than the actual bandwidth on Realtime

  • Detailed Subnet graphs not showing the same amount of data

Version 7.4.10

Version 7.4.10

Released: April 1, 2019

  • ipoque update

  • Inbound/Outbound connections graph still using flash

  • Monitor Control graphs for DVCs are still using flash

  • Ex10064 performance improvement

  • Monitord not able to connect to database after enabling SQL access

  • Exinda fails to retrieve HTTP(S) data via a Proxy server with Basic Authentication

  • Chart colors under Monitor Control not updating when changed

  • Potential Vulnerability: HSTS missing from HTTPS server

  • Potential Vulnerability: Cookie do not contain the HTTPOnly attribute

  • CLI command still shows Graph Display Options

  • Corrected protocol name for Poison Ivy

  • Traffic between cluster IPs showing in Monitoring

  • Monitor - Hosts graphs stopping when in Cluster

  • CIFS Acceleration transfers failing on Windows 2012

  • Monitor - System graphs not loading on Internet Explorer 11

Version 7.4.9

Version 7.4.9

Released: November 27, 2018

  • Traffic Categorization engine upgrade

  • Updated Edge Cache (Squid to v3.5.28)

  • Support for new Exinda Hardware Models - 10064, 12064

  • Performance improvements of the disk cache

  • Potential Vulnerability - Cookies do not contain security attribute

  • Potential Vulnerability - Sensitive form field has not disabled autocomplete

  • Removed Flash in Solution Center - Traffic Analysis - VoIP

  • Removed Flash in Monitor Control - Connection graphs

  • Policies, Circuits, or Virtual Circuits not allowed to be created with # in the name

  • Login timeout set to 60 seconds

  • Collectord errors on boot

  • Default gateway not showing on CLI

  • Subnet monitor should be scrollable with all option

  • Print from Realtime page is empty

  • HTTP traffic from Microsoft IIS is classified as Microsoft Services

  • SMTP password with = in the password does not work

  • Monitor conversations show number instead of Application

  • Updated charts library

Version 7.4.8

Version 7.4.8

Released: September 18, 2018

  • OpenSSH upgrade to version 6.9

  • Categorization engine upgrade

  • Subnet summary report under Detailed Subnet Report has no data for custom ranges

  • Changing bridge MTU breaks the device

  • Exinda Sending ICMP Unreachable to multiple hosts

  • Error message after double encryption blocks other operations

  • Insufficient error message for log encryption failure

  • Double encryption causes device mount failure after first reboot

  • Some applications are missing from Exinda

  • Error while creating custom Application in solution center

Version 7.4.7

Version 7.4.7

Released: May 24, 2018

This new version of Exinda Network Orchestrator includes encryption of personal and sensitive data collected and stored by the product and numerous fixes.

  • Added support for encrypting personal/sensitive data stored on the disk

  • Monitor -> Subnets drilled in Conversations doesn't show External Hosts

  • "Preview" button is not working on HTML response

  • Facebook video classifying as HTTPS on 7.4.6

  • Real Time Monitor shows double amount of traffic when Acceleration ON

  • Subnet summary report under Detailed Subnet Report has no data for last 7 days range

Version 7.4.6

Version 7.4.6

Release Date: March 19, 2018

New Software Features:
  • This new version of Exinda Network Orchestrator includes an update to the chart and reporting functionality by replacing Flash with html5. Quality and stability of the product has also been improved with numerous fixes and improvements.

  • Replacement of Flash with HTML5


  • Telegram app no longer classified as tcp ports

  • Ultrasurf no longer classified as HTTPS

  • Import ssl Cert now working

  • License is not deleted in ExOS VM appliance during upgrade/rollback

  • TCP Efficiency chart displays under Service Levels Section

  • Time range selection for Monitor - Conversations, URLs, and Users appear as expected

  • Datasets display as a line chart

  • Application reconnects after losing connectivity and disabling web UI checkbox

  • Subnets monitoring data synced to cluster member

  • User is able to reboot appliance with kexec

  • Some Facebook traffic no longer shows up as Skype

  • The Exinda WUI is available to login

  • Close SQL TCP port 3306 externally

  • Akamai Content Delivery traffic is no longer classified as Ultrasurf

  • VC report generating TCL code error fixed

  • Time-Range Selection for Scheduled Monitor Reports fixed

  • Able to switch to CLI created factory default config

  • Report Legend on Control Discard Graph

  • TACACS Authentication - password prompt appears

Version 7.4.5

Version 7.4.5

Release Date: December 18, 2017

New Software Features:

This new version of Exinda Network Orchestrator includes an update to the classification engine for recognizing network traffic. Exinda Network Orchestrator 7.4.5 identifies and classifies newer, widely used applications such as Amazon Prime Music and other popular applications. Quality and stability of the product has also been improved with numerous fixes and improvements. 

  • Use DNS host as Destination in SLA objects

  • Network traffic categorization engine upgraded:

    • Amazon Prime Music now classified

    • iTunesU now correctly classified

    • Facebook video, audio, chat and games in separate sub-classifications

  • Squid stability improvement - can now change from multi-threaded version of squid to single-threaded version

  • SMB database initialization issue fixed

  • JBoss memory optimization improved

  • Device will no longer Crash and Reboot if Blank Application Group is used in VC

  • MIB standard compliance

  • Sort processes by memory instead of by CPU

  • EMC: Fixed ability to move appliance to groups for version 7.4.4 and above

  • Re-aligned the warning message regarding internal host to the left

  • Monitor service levels network response (SLA) tab now display’s FQDN

  • Exinda now recognizes Psiphon and has been added to supported applications and L7 protocols

Version 7.4.4

Version 7.4.4 Update 2

Released: February 23, 2017

Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

L7 Signatures:
  • New L7 Signatures for 7 popular applications

  • Improved L7 Signatures for 60 popular applications

Version 7.4.4 Update 1

Released: December 6, 2016

Various bug fixes and minor improvements.

Version 7.4.4

Released: October 4th, 2016

The EdgeCache application (squid) has been upgrade to the latest version to address a number of field related issues.

L7 Signatures:
  • New L7 Signatures for 34 popular applications

  • Improved L7 Signatures for 42 popular applications

  • Deprecated L7 Signatures for 5 applications

And over 25 bug fixes.

Full release notes for version 7.4.4 available here

Version 7.4.3

Version 7.4.3

Released: July 5th, 2016

New Hardware Appliance: Exinda 8063: Designed for Data Center – Up to 20,000 Diagnostic & Control Users & 2,000 Acceleration Users.

  • DPI Engine: The appliance now implements a new revision of DPI engine that provides numerous enhancements both to engine performance and signature coverage.

  • QX Probe on Appliance: The appliance now allows the QX Probe to run on the vHost. This enables path detection and diagnostics required by QX Boost Lite for Skype for Business.

  • Management Data Channel: In applications involving management, the appliance now implements a secure tunnel mechanism for communication to the management entity.

  • IPMI Version 2.23 on 3062 and 4062: Enables latest IPMI version on identified appliances.

L7 Signatures:
  • New L7 Signatures for 12 popular applications

  • Improved L7 Signatures for 92 popular applications

And 18 other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Full release notes for version 7.4.3 available here

Version 7.4.2

Version 7.4.2

Released: March 17, 2016

New Hardware Appliances:
  • Exinda 10063: Recommended for Large Data Centers. Can handle up to 10Gbps of traffic for Diagnostics and Shaping and up to 400Mbps for Acceleration.

  • Exinda 12063: Our largest physical appliance to date, it can handle up to 15Gbps of Diagnostics and Shaping operations and up to 2 Gbps of Acceleration operations.

New mechanism that better handles DDoS attacks coming from the WAN or from malicious software, preventing the appliance from consuming too much memory.

L7 Signatures:
  • New L7 Signatures for 15 popular applications

  • Improved L7 Signatures for 15 popular applications

And 6 other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Full release notes for version 7.4.2 available here

Version 7.4.1

Version 7.4.1

Released: December 18, 2015

New set of Exinda Appliance Virtual Images with support for:
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: Windows Servers 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2

  • EsXI VMWare server: Versions 5.5 and 6.0

  • Citrix XENServer: Versions 6.2 and 6.5

New NEM Cards:
  • EX-NEM63-G6BP: 6 port RJ45 card. Full-height slot.

  • EX-NEM63-G4BPFi-LX: 4 port fibre, single mode/long range. Full-height slot.

  • EX-NEM63-G4BPFi: 4 port fibre, multi-mode/ short range. Full-height.

  • EX-NEM63-G2BPFI-LX: 2 port fibre, single mode / long range. Full-height and Half-height.

  • EX-NEM63-G2BPFI: 2 port fibre, multi-mode / short range. Full-height and Half-height.

  • EX-NEM63-G2BP-LP: 2 port RJ45. Full-height and Half-height configuration.

Version 7.4.0

Version 7.4.0

Released: October 21st, 2015

  • Inbound QoS works along with Accelerated and Edge Cache Traffic

  • ​​​​​FQDN-Based Network Object, simplifying the configuration process of IP subnets.

  • Support for a new image format (v2) which is smaller than the previous format (v1).

  • When traffic is being accelerated on first pass (data not yet in disk), it now complies fully with Inbound policies.

  • On second pass (data already in disk), traffic still flows at full LAN speed.

L7 Signatures:
  • New L7 Signatures for 57 popular applications

  • Improved L7 Signatures for 23 popular applications

And 22 other bug fixes and minor improvements.

Full release notes for version 7.4.0 available here