I'm the IT project manager and I lead a small team of technical guys and provide them with guidance and in providing solutions for my clients.

BIS is a small IT consulting house we provide enterprise grade solutions and services at an SMB pocket friendly price. We've been in business for the past 16 years and most of our clients have seen us through from the days that we were school interns all the way till now that we have families so they've seen us evolve, they've seen us grow older and change over the years.

We first heard about GFI back in 2008 when my client needed a solution to archive emails for the Exchange server. The value that Archiver provides for my client is a fallback solution in the event they need to have a reference of any email communication that goes in and out of the company. In addition to that Archiver provides reporting for my clients in terms of how the employees use email communication in the organization. Archiver is easy to use easy to administer too, very easy to upgrade and the price is affordable for the SMEs in Singapore. Back in 2008 before we had MailArchiver we had to manually copy PST files using Outlook drag-n-drop emails manually onto USB hard disk and that takes lots of time.

Compliance is a big issue and MailArchiver helps by ensuring that all incoming and outgoing e-mail communications are tracked and all of this information are stored in a database where no one can temper with, not even the the administrator, not the end users. The technical benefit of using Archiver is that it’s fast to access, easy for end users to pick up and use the system. Users no longer need to hold data on their local devices plus if users were to lose their equipment all the data is safe on the server and not on the local devices as well.

GFI is a good vendor to work with, they are prompt reliable and very helpful. What got us started with GFI was the 30 days free trial, subsequently was the ease of install, ease of administration, configuration and the price was just nice for my client at that point in time.

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