Let's face it, your business is flooded with data. Documents, spreadsheets, artwork, faxes, emails. How do you keep track of it all? And all that information has to be stored somewhere that is both safe and easy to access.

That's where GFI MailArchiver comes in. GFI MailArchiver saves and organizes copies of all your emails and files in a secure central place at your location so they don't get misplaced. You can find and share things without relying on people you don't know and it will help you to meet today's strict data retention rules. Without all the excess baggage your computers and servers run much faster. And you spend less money on storage while saving on valuable time for other things oh and you can also say goodbye to those unreliable PST files.

GFI MailArchiver can store calendar entries, emails, faxes, just about anything. Well, almost anything. It works with Microsoft Office, Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps and other mail server solutions. And helps take care of all those complicated compliance rules too. So you don't have to.

GFI MailArchiver, the secure, easy way to store all of your vital business email and files.

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