Protect your users against phishing and spyware

The GFI MailEssentials anti-phishing module detects and blocks threats posed by phishing emails by comparing the content of the spam with a constantly updated database and phishing URLs. This ensures all the latest phishing emails are captured. As extra protection, it also checks for typical phishing keywords in every email sent to your organization.

GFI MailEssentials also protects you against spyware through its unique battery of email protection technologies including multiple antivirus engines, as well as other technologies built specifically to protect against email-based attacks, such as its email exploit engine, Trojan and executable scanner and HTML sanitization.

GFI MailEssentials also detects email-borne spyware via its antivirus engine, which incorporates a dedicated spyware and adware definition file that has an extensive database of known spyware, trojans and adware.

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