Organizations rely on internet connectivity. Without robust connectivity, your business may face disruptions caused by link failures or WAN blackouts. These can be costly. Gartner estimates network downtime may cost you $5,600 per minute, or more than $300,000 per hour.

Even before an internet blackout, as your organization pushes more data than your internet pipe can handle, application performance begins to suffer. Users start complaining about latency with frozen or faulty applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) or video conferencing.

Introducing GFI SD-WAN, a simple, cost effective, set up and forget solution to these problems.

GFI SD-WAN is the latest addition to the Exinda family. 

With GFI SD-WAN, you can combine and manage up to 12 internet connections into a single, robust, ultra high-speed line via a bonding tunnel. Broadband bonding is inherently more reliable and about 70 percent less costly per month compared to a single MPLS link. You can boost overall performance while keeping costs down. 

When a WAN link fails, it disrupts all the application flows that are going through that WAN link, which usually results in the sessions being dropped. However, thanks to the overlay tunnel technology of GFI SD-WAN, the application flows can be kept alive even during WAN blackouts or brownouts, providing seamless session continuity. Your users won’t even notice that there was an issue with one of the lines.

Another benefit of GFI SD-WAN is that it lets you add bandwidth easily to your network when you need it. New broadband lines can be simply plugged into the device to increase your network capacity. When you rely on a single service provider, you are dependent on a single SLA. By aggregating service providers, you can build your own best-in-class bandwidth solution. 

Intelligent WAN automation is at the heart of GFI SD-WAN. The overlay tunnels leverage advanced algorithms to monitor, remember, learn and react to your network traffic in real-time and on the packet level. Services such as live video, VOIP, chat applications, file transfers or any other types of specific application flows are mapped onto corresponding overlay tunnels. Since the overlay tunnels optimize according to the metrics that matter for the flow type (such as latency, throughput, jitter, or packet loss) reliability, predictability and overall performance of these services improve by orders of magnitude without requiring any human intervention.

To see how GFI SD-WAN can improve your network performance and reliability, contact a certified GFI reseller today!