Exinda NetworkOrchestrator makes it easy for critical applications to shine

For more than 30 years, Atrion has consulted with customers to provide them with the best solutions for their business. At one point, their bandwidth management solution was not meeting their expectations. That is until Exinda Network Orchestrator stepped in and blew the competition out of the running.

Atrion, a GFI Gold Partner and expert in IT consulting for more than 30 years, realized the cloud computing trend was only going to grow in popularity. After experiencing some difficulty with a competitor’s solution, they looked to Exinda NetworkOrchestrator as a way to enhance their customer’s quality of experience for critical applications.

Dominic “Dom” Grillo, President of Atrion, shared how his organization benefited from adding Exinda to their arsenal of products by improving their relationships with customers. “We’ve greatly enhanced our higher education customers’ ability to protect their bandwidth for their mission-critical applications while limiting the problematic traffic that comes with having a large student body that is highly connected to the internet.”

For nearly a decade, Atrion has helped their customers deploy GFI and Exinda solutions. Dom discovered Exinda when his former software no longer suited the needs of their customers. “We had been working with a competitive product for many years, but the vendor at the time stopped innovating the technology, and Exinda began to outpace them.” He explained that the GUI was fresher and snappier, and the software provided better support for high-end network architectures making it the obvious choice.

Atrion’s consultative approach is centered on solving business challenges with the right technology. Their priority is not to push a solution because it happens to be a hot topic for that month, but to introduce their customers to products that will provide long-term value for their business.

Atrion’s GFI Software portfolio includes Exinda NetworkOrchestrator, GFI LanGuard, GFI MailEssentials, and GFI Archiver.

Exinda NetworkOrchestrator features boost productivity

Many businesses are experiencing a loss in their bandwidth because of streaming video and apps like SnapChat. Finding a way to prioritize critical applications is pertinent for organizations to run productively and efficiently. “Customers will continue to adopt cloud models, which will change where the workloads are maintained, however, performance and security will still be paramount even as customers get out of the business of managing their own data centers,” said Dom.

According to Dom, “When we were looking for competitive solutions originally, we knew a few of the folks that had moved over to Exinda so it was through those relationships that we brought the technology into our lab to be vetted by the solutions engineering team.”

“The Exinda reporting engine is outstanding, and features such as the ‘Recommendations’ on the dashboard are really useful for identifying potential problems within the network.” Dom explained when asked how Exinda excels. “The ability to select a portion of a graph to drill into a specific time window makes it very simple to troubleshoot issues.”

Success through an award-winning Partner Program

Through the 5-star GFI Partner Program, Dom and the team have been able to access competitive solutions, pricing and a comprehensive support package. Dom shared: “Exinda has been great in ensuring our profitability when we’re in competitive situations. It makes sure that we’re still able to maintain a profit by extending appropriate discounting to us as a key channel partner.”

Solving business challenges along with great partners like GFI Software and their engineering team allows Atrion to excel in the market. Dom explains: “Concepts like bandwidth management and acceleration are often more art than science, so it takes true problem-solving engineers to design an impactful solution for a customer.”

In addition to great products, Atrion offers a unique Center of Excellence lab that enables customers to leverage their own testing ground. They also perform Proof of Concepts, a design solution that integrates many disparate technologies and assists in modeling entire customer environments.

Atrion has seen a lot of changes through the decades as technology continues to improve and become more sophisticated. When the company was founded, they were selling modems, multiplexers, and more to support the connectivity of secure internet connectivity. With the rise of malicious attacks and importance of resource management, Dom explains, “Over time, that evolved further into network infrastructure, network security, and now we’re moving even deeper into cybersecurity.”

As a GFI Gold Partner, Atrion’s future is bright. Atrion will continue to create a collaborative space for their customers, vendors, and in-house engineers to work together in building forward-thinking solutions. And, with access to wide variety of marketing tools and sales resources and benefits, Atrion will be able to continue to address their customer’s needs, proving over and over that Exinda NetworkOrchestrator is the premier bandwidth management system on the market.