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Kerio Connect includes multiple layers of security features built right into the solution giving you the ability to protect your users and your network from malicious attacks.

Security features:

  • Password policy with complexity
  • Password guessing protection
  • Secure connectivity (TLS 1.2)
  • Require secure connectivity
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy support
  • Signed and custom SSL certificates
  • Encrypted email (S/MIME)
  • DKIM signatures
  • SMTP submission
  • Directory harvest attack protection
  • Sender anti-spoofing protection
  • Remote mobile device wipe

Get powerful identity and content protection with SSL encryption and S/MIME.

Reduce inbox clutter of unwanted messages with multiple layers of spam filtering.

Protect your network from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and adware while minimizing impact on memory and system performance with the Kerio Antivirus engine.

Block IP addresses suspected of account and password-guessing attacks, block accounts that have been targeted by password-guessing and even elect not to block guessing by local clients.

Leverage the Kerberos protocol to authenticate log-in attempts between a client and server or between servers.

Repel hacking and malicious behind-the-firewall activity by automatically filtering and disallowing suspicious attachments.

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