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Developer zone - Kerio Connect

Part of our mission is to build an open communication and collaboration platform, for administrators and developers to easily access the product and integrate it with third-party solutions. The Administration API for Kerio Connect allows administrators to facilitate their daily work and automate many procedures. With the API, you can create powerful scripts to assist with routine daily tasks.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple JSON-RPC interface that can be used from any HTTP client
  • Consistent API architecture
  • Many possibilities and uses
Use Cases

  • Server configuration - users, domains, content filter and more
  • Basic monitoring
  • Access statistics
  • Automation of tasks


Specifications can be obtained from the product Reference Documentation section below.

Getting Started

The Kerio API is built on JSON-RPC, whose advantages include ease-of-use, code readability and wide support among different programming languages and publicly available libraries. You can use the PHP library, which we have prepared for you.

Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP

Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP (i.e. kerio-api-php) is designed as a layer between user applications and Kerio products. With kerio-api-php, you can easily communicate directly with your server, e.g. Kerio Connect without diving deep into the underlining JSON-RPC architecture. Encapsulation of JSON requests and response is done automatically by the library.


Application can run API on the same machine which operates the Kerio Connect server, or remotely on any other machine. To run kerio-api-php, your host needs:

  • Apache HTTP Server 2.0 or newer
  • PHP 5.1 or newer with OpenSSL and JSON libraries
Recommended LAMP

You can download any web development environment, also known as LAMP/WAMP software bundle, such as the examples below:

Running the Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP

Manual procedure

Step 1 - Download the kerio-api-php
Step 2 - Move the package in your Apache document root, usually "/var/www/html"
Step 3 - Unzip here the kerio-api-php
Step 4 - Open your browser and navigate to https://your-server/kerio-api-php

To try API examples in your existing environment, use the VMware-ready virtual appliance.

Downloads and Documentation

Note: By downloading the APIs and VMware Virtual Appliance below, you agree to the Kerio SDK End User License Agreement.

License agreement

Client Library

Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP 1.4
Source Class, Documentation, Examples, Sample Applications
VMware Virtual Appliance
Based on Debian GNU/Linux, default root password: kerio

JSON-RPC 2.0 Specification

Kerio Connect

Administration API for Kerio Connect
Index list of all interfaces, their methods, and data structures


The Kerio API is built on solid foundations of JSON-RPC, whose advantages include easy-of-use code readability and wide support among different programming languages and publicly available libraries. For full JSON-RPC 2.0 specifications, click here.

Kerio Connect

Our Web Administration for Kerio Connect uses the same API that is now available to you. With the new Administration API for Kerio Connect, you can access your Kerio Connect server, integrate it with third-party solutions, or write simple scripts to handle advanced administration tasks. Currently, only the Administration API for Kerio Connect is available. Other APIs to manage calendars or user data are not supported. You can use IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV protocols instead.

The API is designed to be accessible for any programming language. Connect over HTTPS, send a request in a well-known human-readable format (JSON) and receive a response in the same format.

Programming Libraries

You can also use the Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP for easy integration into your scripts and applications.