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Nine good reasons to use GFI FaxMaker Online

Fax by email
Sending a fax is as simple as sending an email. Fill in the email subject line, add body content and any attachments. Address the “To” field as, (e.g., recipient’s fax number, including country and area code). Then send the email as you normally do.
Automated routing
When a fax is received by GFI FaxMaker Online, it is automatically routed to the recipient’s email, based on their assigned fax number. Automated routing reduces risks such as faxes being left in the paper tray or unauthorized individuals reading confidential information. It is also more efficient than manually delivering paper-based faxes to recipients.
Personalized cover page
You can design and personalize your fax cover page, which typically includes recipient and sender information, a logo and contact information. Once you create a cover template, GFI FaxMaker Online completes the fields automatically, based on information in the email.
Send and receive multiple faxes
GFI FaxMaker Online accepts multiple faxes from different sources at the same time, and you can add up to 100 recipients in a single email. With these features, you don’t have to spend time printing paper documents, feeding them into a fax machine and waiting for a transmission to finish before sending or receiving another one.
Fax printed documents
The print-to-fax driver (for Windows environments) allows you to fax a document directly from an application, without having to print a paper version for feeding into a fax machine. The driver also lets you send multiple documents to a single fax number, and you can send a document to more than one recipient at the same time. The system automatically alerts you via email when your fax is sent.
Intuitive dashboard
A graphical dashboard provides an overview of your fax environment. You can view fax communications over time, filter the results and drill down to more details. The dashboard also provides a breakdown of your faxing history, a list of the top area codes used for faxing and the fax numbers you have available. The “Trees Saved” section even lets you see how faxing online helps you reduce paper, saving trees and lowering costs.
GFI FaxMaker Online enables you to run detailed and summary reports and export to PDF, XLS(X), RTF, MHT, HTML, TXT, CSV and PNG file types. Reports can be filtered by inbound, outbound, department, sender, fax number, delivery status and date range.
Use existing or new fax numbers
Your GFI FaxMaker Online account includes one free fax number. If you prefer to use an existing fax number, you can port it to the service (fees apply). You can also request additional fax numbers as needed. Extra numbers are charged on a monthly, per-number basis.
GFI FaxMaker Online grows with your organization, allowing you to add or remove users and departments as needed. Our service plans are based on the number of faxes your organization sends and receives; we don’t charge for additional users. You can assign fax numbers to receive documents, or designate an email address to receive all faxes. If you only need to send faxes, a fax number is not required.

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