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Our GFI FaxMaker product lines have 20 years of experience in delivering comprehensive fax integrations for any deployment requirements. Multiple fax API’s deliver high availability fax networks to allow developers to build a solution that fits their business.

So how can GFI FaxMaker products help?

Gone are the days of printing confidential, medical, legal, financial, and mission critical documents. Integrated faxing can streamline workflows and increase productivity. Automated faxing can

  • Integrate into any business applications SMTP, Text, XML, and web services API
  • In house with FOIP, hybrid cloud, modems, and fax boards supported
  • Online faxing with completely cloud based solution
  • Scales to meet the needs of any size business
  • Help stay compliant, and meet your industries regulations

Automating faxing is the only way to go. By automating business-critical documents, you save time and ensure your processes are stable, safe and compliant. 

  • quote Productivity gains through the packaging of supporting medical documentation into a single outbound response have been significant. quote

    ~Valued Customer

Yes, we can help! The top features of GFI FaxMaker and GFI FaxMaker Online include:


Send, Receive, and Manage mission critical documents with greater efficiency

GFI FaxMaker products have 20 years helping these industries:

Government Banking Financial Accounting Insurance
Healthcare Manufacturing Travel Legal Retail etc.

GFI FaxMaker and GFI FaxMaker Online helps companies send, receive, and manage mission critical, high value documents. With email to fax, fax to email, and multiple API’s, integrating faxing into your business, applications, and workflows makes your life easy.

Send, Receive, Manage.

Doba trvání: 1:40

Ačkoli se faxování může jevit jako zastaralá technologie, není to Pravda. Faxování se změnilo s tím, jak se svět zrychlil v efektivní způsob komunikace.

Doba trvání: 2:18

Bezpečnostní nařízení HIPAA vyžaduje, aby poskytovatelé zdravotní péče udělali vše pro ochranu a důvěrnost informací o zdravotním stavu (známé jako PHI).

Doba trvání: 3:59

Take a tour of GFI FaxMaker Online and see how easy it is to use. No special software, hardware or phone lines required to send and receive faxes.

Doba trvání: 5:33

Toto video se věnuje výhodám přechodu na faxování přes IP (FoIP) implementaci GFI FaxMakeru, třem typům konfigurace, jak funguje FoIP, a jak začít. V tomto videu jsou odkazy k seznamům interoperability pro moduly Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 a TE-Systems XCAPI.

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