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GFI FaxMaker® online service application

  • Step 1: Validating License
  • Step 2: Choose Fax Number
  • Step 3: Create Account
loading.. Validating License Key

A valid GFI FaxMaker® license key is required to register for the service

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Choose Fax Number

*If you need to port your own number please email or visit for telephone contact details in your region
The chosen area code/city has no fax numbers. If you need a number from this area code/city please email or visit for telephone contact details in your region.

User Details

This information will be used to setup your first user to be able to benefit from the trial account


Signup completed successfully – Congratulations!

You can now trial GFI FaxMaker for 30 days using the following account details:

  • Account:
  • User ID:
  • Password:
  • Fax Number:

Next Steps:
Configure your GFI FaxMaker installation to use this service.

  • From GFI FaxMaker, right-click Fax Services node and select New fax service account.
  • Select the fax service provider and click OK.
  • Key in the above account details and click OK.
  • Configure a fax line for the fax service so that GFI FaxMaker can start sending/receiving faxes from this service. For more information refer the Administrator Guide
NOTE: A copy of these instructions has also been sent to your email address.

GFI Customer Support: