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It’s award season and GFI is collecting

In the past few days we received some awesome news about our products being recognized by independent testers and publications.

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Monday Tech Roundup – May the 4th be with Elon Musk

This week, a great innovation in batteries is just around the corner, Microsoft announces Continuum for Phones while Android has a malware crisis.

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Bad election machine gets voted down

Elections the world over can be sketchy affairs, but how bad is it when the voting systems themselves can be so easily hacked?

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Hack hall of shame: April 2015

April has seen a number of sustained attacks and some big company names (Lufthansa and Ryanair) are featuring on the list in our first instalment of the Hack Hall of Shame.

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From 4D printers to good-looking smartwatches, sprinkled with some Google news

The Apple Watch is finally finding its way to a wrist near you and Google is once again in the middle of some tech drama. Also, hack attacks and 4D printers!

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Making the internet safer, one takedown at a time

In another example of business and law enforcement cooperation, the Simda Botnet was taken offline last week.

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Will Windows 10 finally unseat Windows XP?

Will Windows 10 be a good enough OS to lure users away from their old, comfortable desktop environment?

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Data breach debate – how responsible are employees really?

Data breaches have very quickly climbed the infosec agenda. Here at the GFI Blog we also covered both the data breach threat posed by employees, and unearthed the murky area of IT malfeasance.

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Internet Explorer users: Upgrade soon or face the consequences

In an attempt to end some of the chaos and confusion, Microsoft announced that, as from next year, the company will support only the most recent versions of IE.

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Google and EC lock horns, Windows 10 woes and the many faces of Office

The tech world turned its eyes towards Google last week. Our main story today is about the antitrust charges against the search giant brought on by the European Commission.

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