GFI adds new helpdesk product to its communications suite

August 17, 2020 - 12:00

AUSTIN, Texas, August 17, 2020 - GFI is pleased to expand its product offerings today with GFI HelpDesk. GFI HelpDesk provides companies with the ability to manage customer tickets and cases for support, create a knowledgebase for answers, and interact in a coordinated way through channels including email, voice, web apps and chat.

Companies quickly outgrow customer support based on shared mailboxes like Such shared mailboxes reduce team responsiveness, productivity, and turnaround time to support requests.

With GFI HelpDesk, customers can easily log tickets through email, chat or other applications and track them to know they’re being addressed. Employees can see, create, assign and close support tickets. Teams can create rules for automatic responses or routing based on ticket properties, ticket content, the type of customer and more.

GFI HelpDesk can bring together the many interactions your customer has with your business. You can log page views, orders, shipping history, and help desk searches, or capture events from your own product, app, or service and see it all in real-time.

"GFI HelpDesk is a great addition to our complement of communications and security products," says GFI CEO Dan Beer. "We continue to improve and add to our product offerings to deliver more value for our SMB customers. GFI HelpDesk will pair well with Kerio Connect for email and communications and GFI LanGuard for managing internal trouble tickets and security patches."

GFI HelpDesk will be part of the GFI Unlimited--a set of business-essential products available for one simple and low subscription price. Other GFI Unlimited products include: GFI LanGuard, GFI MailEssentials, GFI Archiver, GFI FaxMaker, Kerio Connect and Kerio Control.

GFI HelpDesk offers a full set of features for one of the best values in the category. It will sell for approximately $9 per agent, per month; less in larger deployments.

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