• Automate IT management with minimal effort
    Real-time, check-based monitoring of network, servers and services
  • No agent software
    No agent software

    No agent software needs to be installed on your machines. Instead, GFI Network Server Monitor consists of a network monitoring service and a separate management interface. Its engine is multi-threaded and runs up to 40 checks simultaneously for high reliability across large and small networks.

  • Take corrective action automatically
    Take corrective action automatically

    After an unexpected condition has occurred, GFI Network Server Monitor can automatically correct the problem by restarting a service or server on failure, or even launch an executable, batch job or VBScript.

  • Quickstart wizard
    Quickstart wizard

    GFI Network Server Monitor includes a Quickstart wizard that enables you to rapidly create a series of checks that monitor all the important services on your network, including Exchange Server, IIS, and others. The network monitoring checks wizard easily configures new checks for your current systems

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More benefits

  • Built-in network server monitoring

    GFI Network Server Monitor includes functions that make it easy and fast for you to check your system.
  • Email or SMS (text) alerts

    Receive alerts by email or SMS when a failure is detected. All notifications can be customized and recipients configured.
  • Monitor database servers

    Monitor Microsoft® SQL Server® via ADO; Access®, FoxPro™, Paradox®, Sybase®, Informix®, IBM® DB2® and others via ODBC.
  • Performs administrative steps

    Our specialized checks mimic administrator operations to verify that the services offered by various applications are actually running.