• On a scale from 1 to 10, the Heartbleed vulnerability is an 11!
    Check out how to scan for vulnerabilities with GFI LanGuard®
  • Failure to comply:
    What’s the worst that can happen?
    Keep your business secure with GFI LanGuard®
  • GFI LanGuard® 2014
    "GFI LanGuard offers a solid vulnerability management feature set along with some inventory management functionality in a single, easy-to-use application."

    SC Magazine, February 2014
  • Automate Windows®, Mac OS X® and Linux® patches

    Seamlessly patch your machines regardless of operating systems
    New Support for Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

  • Scan Windows Mobile®, Android™ and iOS devices
    Agentless vulnerability assessment for all smartphone devices.
  • Patch management: Fix vulnerabilities before an attack
    Patch management: Fix vulnerabilities before an attack

    Patch management is vital to your business. Network security breaches are most commonly caused by missing network patches. GFI LanGuard scans and detects network vulnerabilities before they are exposed, reducing the time required to patch machines on your network. GFI LanGuard patches Microsoft ®, Mac® OS X®, Linux® and more than 50 third-party operating systems and applications, and deploys both security and non-security patches.

  • Vulnerability assessment: Discover security threats early
    Vulnerability assessment: Discover security threats early

    More than 50,000 vulnerability assessments are carried out across your networks, including virtual environments. GFI LanGuard scans your operating systems, virtual environments and installed applications through vulnerability check databases such as OVAL and SANS Top 20. GFI LanGuard enables you to analyze the state of your network security, identify risks to the network, determine its degree of exposure, and address how to take action before it is compromised.

  • Network auditing: Analyze your network centrally
    Network auditing: Analyze your network centrally

    GFI LanGuard provides a detailed analysis of the state of your network. This includes applications or default configurations posing a security risk. GFI LanGuard also gives you a complete picture of installed applications; hardware on your network; mobile devices that connect to the Exchange servers; the state of security applications (antivirus, anti-spam, firewalls, etc.); open ports; and any existing shares and services running on your machines.

LanGuard is a very good tool and should be part of an IT Manager’s or Administrator’s arsenal

Firewall.cx December 2013

Recognized by Microsoft for GFI’s specialized ability and commitment to offering best-in-class solutions to SMBs.

ROI calculator

Discover how much money you could save by automating network management with GFI LanGuard.

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GFI Cloud

The Patch Management capability of GFI LanGuard is also available in GFI Cloud’s web-based platform.

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More benefits

  • Compliance

    To help you maintain a secure and compliant network, GFI LanGuard provides complete vulnerability management for your systems and mobile devices, coupled with extensive reporting.
  • Change management

    The best way to maintain a secure network over time is to know which changes are affecting your network and why.
  • Inventory assessment

    For additional security, GFI LanGuard enables you to create an asset inventory of every device on your network, including tablets and smartphones that connect to the Exchange servers.
  • TCO reduction

    Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by centralizing vulnerability scanning, patch management and network auditing.