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Screenshots (Click any thumbnail for an enlarged view.)

  • GFI LanGuard welcome screen
  • Deploying software updates across the entire network
  • Web Console Dashboard
  • Web Console Patches Status
  • Web Console Sites Overview
  • Web Console Top Sites
  • Using the full text search tool
  • Monitoring remediation operations
  • Generating PCI DSS compliance reports
  • Generating general network reports
  • Viewing applications inventory
  • Monitoring product updates activity
  • Network security overview
  • View your network vulnerabilities from the dashboard > Vulnerabilities view
  • Discover your scan targets system information from the Dashboard
  • Analysing scan results from the scan results overview and details panes
  • Configuring vulnerability assessment options
  • Configuring network and software audit options
  • Complete/combination scan profiles
  • Vulnerability assessment profiles
  • Network and software audit profiles
  • Database maintenance options
  • Grouping computers by attributes
  • Filtering computers by vulnerability level and operating system

Scan networks for vulnerabilities before they are exploited, automate patching, and achieve compliance.

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