If you have purchased GFI Unlimited, the Terms and Conditions located at https://www.gfi.com/legal, together with your ordering document, contains the terms and conditions that apply to your GFI Unlimited subscription with us. The following definitions apply to your GFI Unlimited subscription agreement.

The “GFI Catalog” consists of the following software products:

  • GFI HelpDesk (Fusion edition - 10% seat allocation with a minimum of 3)
  • GFI LanGuard
  • GFI Archiver
  • GFI MailEssentials
  • GFI FaxMaker*
  • GFI EndPointSecurity 
  • GFI EventsManager
  • GFI KerioConnect
  • GFI KerioControl**
  • GFI KerioOperator** 

*GFI FaxMaker includes 2 lines. Additional lines, OCR Western/Asian, Fax cards, FOIP software, and Fax connectivity subscriptions can be purchased separately.

**Hardware can be purchased separately.

For the above GFI FaxMaker addons, Hardware and any other information on GFI Unlimited please reach out to a certified GFI Partner or one of the GFI Account Managers.

Note: GFI EventsManager, GFI EndPointSecurity and Kerio Operator are End-of-Engineering (EOE) and will no longer recieve fixes and product updates.