GFI MailEssentials wins Global Product Excellence award

March 14, 2008 - 12:00

London, UK – GFI, an international developer of network security, content security and messaging software, announced today that Info Security Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication and a leading publication on security-related products and technologies has named GFI MailEssentials™ a winner of the 2008 Global Product Excellence in anti-spam Customer Trust Award.

This customer trust honor is an endorsement to the fact that GFI MailEssentials is ahead of the curve when it comes to the best-of-the-best products that can provide the highest security in anti-spam solutions.

Winners were honored in the heart of Silicon Valley at an award ceremony held during Technosium 2008 Conference and Expo which is supported by Silicon Valley Communications, San Jose Mercury News – The Newspaper of Silicon Valley, Wi-Fi Alliance, Trusted Computing Group, Information Security Professionals Association, Network Products Guide, Personal Broadband Industry Association, Covenant, Wireless Communications Alliance, Info Security Products Guide, Stanford Graduate School of Business and Smart Capitol Venture (SCV Network).

With over 60 awards to its name, 80,000 satisfied customers and the lowest prices on the market, GFI MailEssentials is an anti-spam package that captures over 98% of spam and, since it is server-based, it eliminates the need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop.

GFI MailEssentials uses a variety of technologies to beat the latest spam threats such as Bayesian filtering, white-listing technology and DNS blacklists. Together they work to eliminate spam with a very low rate of false positives. GFI MailEssentials can detect and block phishing emails as well as add email management tools to your mail server: disclaimers, mail monitoring, Internet mail reporting, list server, server-based auto replies and POP3 downloading.

“It’s time for technology companies to focus on innovation and growth now,” says Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief of Network Products Guide. “Product innovation and customer trust are key to trouncing global economy uncertainties in 2008. We are pleased to honor GFI MailEssentials as winner for 2008 and all the finalists who participated.”

“Info Security Products Guide’s recognition of GFI MailEssentials further validates our product as excellence-in-class and ahead of the curve. GFI MailEssentials stops over 98% of spam with very few false positives. This ensures that important and business-critical emails arrive in the client’s mailbox and are not treated as spam. This low level of false positives is a key feature of GFI MailEssentials and exactly what our customers need. Customer trust is of the utmost importance to every one of us at GFI and customer satisfaction is the key to our success,” David Vella, Director of Product Management at GFI said.

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