Gold Award for GFI EndPointSecurity

May 18, 2007 - 12:00

London, UK –, a resource for IT administrators on Windows networks, has given a Gold Award and a rating of 4.5 out of 5 to GFI EndPointSecurity, GFI Software today announced.

GFI EndPointSecurity provides IT administrators with granular, network-wide controls for portable storage devices, removable media and a wide range of consumer electronic devices, such as USB sticks, PDAs, flash drives and iPods, which if not managed properly, can wreak havoc to a network’s security and reduce employee productivity.

In a lengthy review of GFI EndPointSecurity, Jakob H. Heidelberg talks about the ever-growing threat posed to networks by portable storage devices. He says that although a written corporate portable storage control policy as part of the company’s IT security policy is a must, administrators also need to ensure that the policy is followed by users.

“Since Windows Group Policies gives us very limited control over the mentioned devices, the common approach has been anything from physically blocking ports (USB / FireWire, etc.) to a total ban of iPods and similar devices on the network. It’s obvious that none of these countermeasures are adequate in most scenarios. We need technological barriers, such as those offered by GFI EndPointSecurity, to protect networks against unauthorized device usage,” Heidelberg wrote.

Control of storage devices
The reviewer says that GFI EndPointSecurity offers “many great features” and “allows the control of data flow to and from storage devices on a user by user basis throughout the network”. He also highlights certain advantages that the product has over operating systems like Vista that provide some built-in functionality for controlling access to removable storage devices through Group Policy. “GFI EndPointSecurity still offers corporations a number of security-related features that Microsoft Windows Vista Group Policy currently does not offer. In Microsoft Windows Vista, administrators can configure which users are allowed or denied access to different portable storage devices – this level of granular control however, cannot be extended to devices without a file system,” he said.

“GFI EndPointSecurity provides system administrators with the ability to exert almost the exact same level of granular control over all 32-bit versions of Windows 2000, XP, 2003 based computers and all devices without a file system. These include printers, scanners, modems, Bluetooth dongles, etc.”

The reviewer also comments positively about GFI EndPointSecurity’s tracking of device usage function and reporting capability. Concluding, he recommends users to download the trial version and test “this powerful piece of software”.

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