GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack is now available

July 27, 2006 - 12:00

London, UK – GFI Software, an international leader and developer of network security, content security and messaging software, announced today the introduction of the GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack – a full-fledged report companion to GFI EndPointSecurity.

The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack add-on is a full-fledged reporting companion to GFI EndPointSecurity, which allows administrators and corporate staff to generate graphical IT-level, technical and management reports based on the portable devices usage events recorded by GFI EndPointSecurity. These portable devices can be Media players, including iPods, Creative Zen, USB sticks, CompactFlash, memory cards, CDs, floppies and other storage devices, PDAs, BlackBerry handhelds, mobile phone and similar communication devices, Network cards, laptops and any other network connections.

Through these reports, administrators and management teams can assess the effectiveness of the portable device usage policy enforced within the corporation. This puts them in a position to make more informed decisions and allows them to proactively control portable devices usage in their corporation.

The GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack enables administrators to create executive reports, which include an overview of blocked devices, portable storage device usage trends and lists all connected devices grouped by user. The new reporting tool also helps to develop statistical reports including device usage summaries and portable devices access/usage statistics, as well as technical reports including detailed device activity. The ReportPack updates also now enables administrators to pull together “Top 20” reports that cover the 20 users, machines, devices and applications which peaked connection activity.

Download the GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack for free when you install GFI EndPointSecurity. GFI EndPointSecurity ReportPack can be found at

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