UK publisher archives mail and meets legal requirements with GFI MailArchiver

June 30, 2005 - 12:00

London, UK – Johnston Press plc, a major UK-based publisher of quality newspapers and Internet sites, has chosen GFI MailArchiver for Exchange to archive its emails and attachments. The company also uses GFI MailArchiver to meet various regulatory and legal obligations. Details of this deployment are featured in a new case study issued by GFI.

Johnston Press was looking for an automatic archiving solution that would allow the company to meet regulatory, legal and internal research requirements. As Mr. Graham Gould, Group IT Director at Johnston Press, explained: "The British Data Protection Act gives data subjects certain rights which are difficult to fulfill if a company does not have appropriate systems for archiving and indexing documents. Employees and ex-employees may also have rights to request copies of personal data in pursuance of a grievance or an industrial tribunal."

Smooth integration and great ease-of-use
Johnston Press decided to opt for GFI MailArchiver as it was a simple single solution that would be suitable for the whole group while having minimal impact on bandwidth between sites. GFI’s mail archiving solution is compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server, which was a major Johnston Press requirement. Above all, the company found GFI MailArchiver offered ease of searching and recovery. Thanks to its ability to leverage the journaling feature of Exchange Server 2000/2003 – a factor that provides unparalleled scalability and reliability, as well as permitting great cost-effectiveness – GFI MailArchiver was a smooth fit into the overall solution employed by Johnston Press.

As Mr. Gould pointed out, “Microsoft Journaling is enabled on all our Exchange servers and the output is collected into a single mailbox in a dedicated mail store on a stand-alone Exchange server based in Leeds. GFI MailArchiver extracts copies of all emails and attachments from this mailbox and stores the result in a database. This provides us with a database of recent emails which can be searched using the GFI search tools.”

“GFI MailArchiver for Exchange is characterised by extreme ease-of-use. Once installed, it provides network users with a single, web-based location in which to search all their past email – necessitating minimal, if any, training. This in turn adds to the product’s overall cost-effectiveness,” said David Vella, Product Manager at GFI.
More than just an archiving/retrieving solution
Johnston Press uses GFI MailArchiver as an archiving and retrieving solution but also as a great help to meet regulatory and legal obligations, the benefits of which are difficult to estimate but which the company believes to be invaluable. Mr. Gould described GFI MailArchiver as “an insurance policy intended to avoid the potential serious consequences of the company not being able to fulfil its regulatory or legal obligations in the future".

The full case study may be viewed at

About GFI MailArchiver for Exchange
GFI MailArchiver for Exchange is an easy-to-use email archiving solution that enables all internal and external mail to be archived into a single SQL database. This allows administrators to provide users with easy, centralized access to past email via a web-based search interface, while enabling to easily fulfill regulatory requirements (such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act). GFI MailArchiver for Exchange leverages the journaling feature of Exchange Server 2000/2003 and therefore provides unparalleled scalability and reliability at a competitive cost. More information and a full evaluation version are available at

About Johnston Press plc
Johnston Press plc is a major British publisher of quality local newspapers and local Internet sites, basing its publishing philosophy on local service to local communities. Its newspapers and sites are produced by local teams of people who have a dedicated commitment to producing local news and information that both inform and reflect the important issues of the communities they serve, thus encouraging loyal, committed and valuable readers and internet users. The company caters for over 140 very different markets all over the UK, from St. Andrews in Scotland to Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Johnston Press was first established in Falkirk in 1767 as F. Johnston & Co Ltd. Today Johnston Press has in its portfolio many titles that have been servicing local markets for over 200 years, with the Stamford Mercury celebrating 300 years in 1996. The group has grown through founding or purchasing individual local newspapers and, recently, newspaper groups. In 1988, F. Johnston & Co Ltd became a fully listed public company on the London Stock Exchange and changed its name to Johnston Press plc. Johnston Press is currently the 4th largest publisher of local and regional newspapers in the UK and hosts over 175 local Internet sites.

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