Email security from GFI tops the charts at Luxembourg's radio 100,7

February 24, 2004 - 12:00

Radio 100,7, a state-sponsored radio in Luxembourg, relies on GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP and GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP to block email spam, viruses, exploits and threats at server level, before these can be distributed to its users. Both these products also help the organization to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of its IT infrastructure. Details are featured in a new case study issued by GFI.

“As a public radio, we receive and distribute hundreds of emails daily: Email has become our primary communication tool for both internal and external communication,” explained Pascal Tesch, CIO at radio 100,7. Although email has simplified corporate life at the radio station, it also presents a number of problems that were crucial for Mr. Tesch to solve.

A single email virus would be a disaster
Mr. Tesch stressed: “As we are now running a 100% digital radio, based on computerized editing and storage of audio-files, we cannot afford a single virus. One email virus would spell disaster for us - it would block our flow of work and all our communications, and would result in huge recovery costs too.”

Keeping spam away
Another item that Mr. Tesch had to tackle was spam, as this was flooding the radio station’s mailboxes. In the rush to get rid of these unwanted emails, the risk of important mail mistakenly being deleted was high. Radio 100,7 needed to solve this problem without affecting the legitimate email messages that needed to be received. The right solution also had to support the station’s mail server, Microsoft Exchange Server.

An obvious choice
For radio 100,7, the GFI MailSecurity/GFI MailEssentials bundle seemed to be the ideal solution. Among all the server level anti-spam candidates, “GFI MailEssentials was an all-round winner,” said Mr. Tesch. “The new Bayesian feature included in GFI MailEssentials is a revolutionary approach that shows how GFI is at the forefront in finding new ways to keep its customers spam-free.”

To combat email threats such as virus, exploits and Trojans, Mr. Tesch felt that GFI MailSecurity, available in a bundle with GFI MailEssentials, was the obvious choice. Radio 100,7 was particularly impressed with GFI MailSecurity’s inclusion of multiple virus engines, its content filtering abilities and its seamless integration with the Microsoft environment.

“As we are a non-profit organization, the fact that we are keeping away dozens of unwanted mails, viruses and exploits every day with GFI technology means that we are dramatically decreasing the TCO of our IT infrastructure.” Mr. Tesch explained. The full case study may be viewed at

About GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP
GFI MailSecurity is an email content checking, exploit detection, threats analysis and antivirus solution that removes all types of email-borne threats before they can affect an organization's email users. GFI MailSecurity's key features include multiple virus engines; a Trojan & Executable Scanner; email content and attachment checking; an exploit shield; an HTML threats engine; and more.

About GFI MailEssentials for Exchange/SMTP
GFI MailEssentials offers spam protection at server level and eliminates the need to install and update anti-spam software on each desktop. GFI MailEssentials offers a fast set-up and a high spam detection rate using Bayesian analysis and other methods - no configuration required, very low false positives through its automatic whitelist, and the ability to automatically adapt to the email environment to constantly tune and improve spam detection. GFI MailEssentials also adds key email tools to the mail server such as disclaimers, reporting, and more.

About radio 100,7
Radio 100,7 is a public, state-sponsored radio that has been on air in Luxembourg since 1993. Its main focus is to broadcast a 100% advertisement-free, non-commercial schedule, with a primary accent on social and cultural issues. More information is available at

About GFI
GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. With award-winning technology, an aggressive pricing strategy and a strong focus on small-to-medium sized businesses, GFI is able to satisfy the need for business continuity and productivity encountered by organizations on a global scale. GFI has offices in the US, Malta, UK, Hong Kong and Australia which support more than 200,000 installations worldwide. GFI is a channel-focused company with over 10,000 partners worldwide. GFI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. More information about GFI can be found at