Let’s make managing your networks, security, and communication easier.

The Best IT Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Rather than design products for large enterprises and adjust them to meet the needs of smaller entities, GFI Software develops enterprise-quality solutions specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Over 40,000 customers choose GFI solutions for security, collaboration, and network management applications. Our products provide the needed functionality to address everyday IT issues. The software is easy to download, install and configure.

GFI Software products are available through thousands of partners dedicated to serving specific countries and regions worldwide.

A Great Team of Global Talent

Our team members are able to work from anywhere in the world. This approach to corporate structure enables our people to create their own optimal working environments so they can focus on creating value and ensuring customer success.

What’s more, by having a 100% remote workforce, our carbon footprint is much smaller than the average in-house organization.