GFI Software welcomes Exinda

We are happy to announce that we have acquired Exinda, and we warmly welcome Exinda’s customers and employees to the GFI Software family.

This webpage has been created to answer any questions you might have about this acquisition, and to keep you informed of the steps ahead.

Exinda’s products guarantee the best possible quality of experience for voice, video and applications, and as such complement GFI solutions perfectly, making a great strategic alignment for our company, partners and users.

CEO's Message

GFI Software is a company with a long tradition of creating simple, yet powerful solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses. To be able to fulfill the needs of modern companies around the world, we have initiated a new strategic direction for the company, which includes acquisition of software companies with compatible product lines. Our aim is to create a world-class platform for SMBs, and the acquisition of Exinda is just another step in this journey.

Our first priority is to make the transition as smooth as possible for customers and partners, while we work to make your original software investment even more valuable. Our ultimate goal is for you to experience significant improvements in product features, performance and reliability, as well as better customer support.

We want to understand your needs, and ensure we are aligned to exceed your goals and expectations. So we promise to keep you informed of what steps to expect along this path, and when to expect them.

In the meantime, I would like to welcome you all to the GFI Software family.

Scott Brighton
Chief Executive Officer
GFI Software

Our Process Explained


Quality and reliability

Quality, reliability and scalability of our solutions is paramount. We will optimise our product's performance to ensure customer and business success.


Open communication

Clear and unambiguous communication is core to our success. We will work hard to ensure objectives are clearly mapped and product plans are diligently aligned to meet business priorities.


Customer value

Adding new value on top of your original investment is our mission. Tailored programs like our GFI Prime will benefit loyal customers with hundreds of dollars worth of free software.

Exinda Acquisition Q&A

On April 18, 2017, we have announced that we have signed a definitive agreement to acquire Exinda.To find more details on this transaction and how it affects you as an Exinda or a GFI Software customer or partner, please read the Q&A section below.


What did GFI Software acquire?

GFI acquired the whole company Exinda, which includes all assets, products, and intellectual property.

Why has GFI acquired Exinda?

Founded in 2002, Exinda is a company trusted by 4,000 organizations in over 80 countries worldwide to deliver application and network performance tools, focused on helping IT teams manage the way users, traffic, devices and applications behave across the network. These tools are a great fit with the existing portfolio of GFI security and communication products, and by acquiring Exinda we’re getting one step closer to our strategic goal - building a world-class network security, management and communication platform for SMBs, to the benefit of all our current and future customers.

Are all Exinda products included in the acquisition?

Yes, all Exinda products are part of the acquisition, including the award-winning Exinda Network Orchestrator and specific tools focused on Microsoft applications, such as Office 365 and Skype for Business, are included in this acquisition. For more information on Exinda products, please visit www.exinda.com

I’m an existing Exinda user. What can I expect? Will there be any changes?

One thing is certain: Exinda will continue to offer the same great products to existing and new customers. GFI’s business practice is simple and clear: before changing anything in the acquired company we initiate an alignment period, during which we will get to know all the aspects of the business into the smallest detail, and this includes the company, its products, employees, partners and customers. Our strategic orientation towards introducing business process efficiency, building quality and feature-rich products, and ensuring high customer experience, will be the guiding principle for any future changes in the company. Of course, we’ll inform all interested parties of any upcoming changes.

I’m an existing GFI user. What can I expect from this acquisition?

The position of Exinda's products within the business network gives users a high level of visibility and control, along with access to granular application and network usage information. Features of these products perfectly complement many existing GFI solutions, delivering IT professionals new and improved ways to manage how users, devices and applications use networks they are managing. With the integration of Exinda’s products into the GFI family, these products will continue to grow and develop as a part of a wider GFI offer of powerful solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses.

I am a reseller/distributor/partner of Exinda/GFI. How will this acquisition affect me? Where do I get more information about this acquisition?

Both partner communities of Exinda and GFI would benefit largely from this acquisition. The scope of available solutions for solving IT issues of modern SMBs would be larger than ever, enabling our partners to create an even stronger relationship with customers by delivering IT solutions that meet their needs. Besides information provided in this Q&A, members of the Exinda and GFI partner community will be able to find more specific information on the partner portals of Exinda and GFI.


Will there be any changes in pricing of Exinda products?

As previously explained, to be able to integrate Exinda into the GFI family, we first need to get to know the company and its products, inside and out. So, discussing some specific details such as pricing at this moment would be premature. Rest assured that you’ll be notified in good time of any future changes to pricing and licensing models.

Do we continue to buy/renew Exinda products and licenses directly/through our current supplier?

Yes, please continue to use existing Exinda sales channels and contacts. After we carefully study all the existing sales channels of Exinda and establish their compatibility with our company’s strategic sales direction, which is relied on channel partners, we will work on creating a joint sales strategy. If this would require certain changes, you’ll be notified of these in ample time.


Will Exinda customer support change?

For now please continue to use existing Exinda support channels available at https://www.exinda.com/support/. In the coming period we’ll examine thoroughly all functions within the company, including customer support, with a focus towards improving efficiency and delivering supreme support services, leading to highest levels of customer satisfaction. All our actions will be aimed towards achieving these goals, and all customers will be notified of any upcoming changes in terms of customer support.

Will our current SLAs and other agreements with Exinda be changed?

There are no plans for immediate changes in terms of existing SLAs.


What will happen to existing Exinda products?

The existing Exinda products are a great fit with the product portfolio of GFI, and perfectly address the needs of various types of customers, so there are no plans for immediate changes to these products.

What are your plans for future product development?

Our strategic product roadmap direction is focused on improving usability, performance and quality, through architecture and feature improvements and innovations. All further product development, including improvement of existing products and integrations with other products within the family, will lead in fulfilling these strategic goals and achieving high customer satisfaction, as our main priority.

I have further questions, who can I address?

You can send any additional questions to your existing Exinda or GFI contacts, or send an email to press@gfi.com