Log file submission instructions

  1. In order to collect logs detailing your issue, reproduce the problem then run the troubleshooter from Start > Programs > GFI [product name] > Troubleshooter.

  2. Once completed, you will find the output within a "Troubleshooter" folder found in the installation directory of the product.

  3. Add any other relevant information to the Troubleshooter Folder, such as screenshots sample emails or Windows Event Logs.

  4. Compress this folder and name it as YY_MM_DD_CompanyName.zip (Example: 09_02_21_abcsoftware.zip). Save this file name as you will need it later.

  5. Log into the GFI FTP Server in order to upload your file. If using Internet Explorer go to ftp://gfi:gfi911cust@ftp.gfisoftware.com. For all other FTP software, use the information below.
    FTP Server details:
    Host: ftp://ftp.gfisoftware.com
    User: gfi
    Pass: gfi911cust

  6. Note that once connected you will not see any files present either before or after uploading. This is to ensure confidentiality.

  7. Upload your files. (Again, you will not see the files on the FTP site when finished.

  8. If logging a new case, please supply the filename (from Step 3) in the appropriate field on the Web Submission Form. If you already have a case, please supply the filename as part of your normal correspondence.