Which types of documents can be sent using the NetPrintQueue2Fax printer?

Applies to:
  • GFI FaxMaker

The NetPrintQueue2Fax printer extracts the recipient information from the document being printed. This can only be done for text-based documents such as Plain Text documents, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel documents, RTF documents, Open Office documents, Corel Wordperfect documents and HTML documents and more. 

However, if the document being printed to the NetPrintQueue2Fax printer is an image file, the recipient fax number and the fax data cannot be extracted. Examples of documents which are not supported are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents, Microsoft Access reports, documents generated by Crystal Reports and reports generated by Sage 50 version 13.

Note: Reports generated by previous versions of Sage 50 are supported by the NetPrintQueue2Fax printer. A new method of generating the reports has been introduced in Sage 50 version 13.