Where are incoming FAX messages of a deleted Active Directory user/group being routed to?


You are unable to locate the incoming faxes which are routed to a user which has been removed from Active Directory.


  • GFI FAXmaker


Perform the following procedure in order to delete the invalid user / group from the GFI FaxMaker configuration:

  1. Open the GFI FaxMaker configuration. You may encounter the error described in here when opening the GFI FaxMaker configuration.
  2. Click on the ‘Licensed Users’ node
  3. Right click on the user/group which is displayed only by its SID and select ‘Delete
  4. Click ‘Ok’ to unregister the user.
  5. Close and re-open the GFI FaxMaker configuration.  It may also be necessary to restart the GFI FaxMaker Services

Note: You may want to assign the fax routing rules for the particular user/SID, to a new user in the GFI FaxMaker configuration.  Further information on how to configure Fax Routing can be found in the GFI FaxMaker manual > ‘Configuring - Receiving Faxes' Section > 'Fax Routing'.  Also, note: How does inbound fax routing work?


When a user is deleted from Active Directory, the user is still present in the GFI FaxMaker Configuration.  GFI FaxMaker will still try to route incoming faxes to the email address of the deleted user.

Since the user has been removed from Active Directory, the user’s mailbox does not exist on the mail server> Therefore (depending on the configuration of the mail server), it will generate an Non-Delivery Report which will be sent back to GFI FaxMaker.

GFI FaxMaker is able to determine that such a fax is a Non-Delivery Report and will store such emails in the <\FaxMaker\SinkDrop\Ignored> folder.

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