Receiving handshaking error on all inbound faxes with Brooktrout TR1034 analog DID faxboard.


Setting up a Brooktrout TR1034 combo faxboard with analog DID, and all inbound fax calls over the analog DID ports result in a handshaking failure 54.


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • All supported environment


When setting up the Analog DID ports within the Dialogic Brooktrout configuration, you must set the Maximum number of DID digits to collect. Please see steps below:
  1. Stop the GFI FAXmaker FaxServer service.
  2. Open the Brooktrout Configuration Tool.
  3. Expand Call Control Parameters.
  • Click on the Module referencing the TR1034 -C board.
  • Click on the Port tabs referencing the Analog DID lines (Ex. Port C and Port D).
  • Next to where it indicates "Max DID Digits", change the value to match the number of DID digits you expect to receive.
  1. Hit Save and Apply in the Dialogic Brooktrout Configuration Tool.
  2. Close the Brooktrout Confguration Tool and re-start the GFI FAXmaker FaxServer service.
Please re-test an inbound fax and it should get through now that the faxboard matches the number of DID digits it expects to see.


The Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 combo Analog DID faxboard must be setup to retrieve a maximum amount of digits to match the amount of digits that are provided from the gateway / telephone provider.  Otherwise the board is set to 0 digits to collect although it is receiving DID digits and thus causes the handshaking failure.

  • Dialogic no longer supports any SDK prior to 6.7.0
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and prior IS NOT supported by Dialogic for SDK 6.7.0

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