How to use psr.exe (Problem Steps Recorder)

While troubleshooting it is often helpful to visualize the issue as well as the steps taken which lead to it. When creating a set of troubleshooting files for a GFI Software program, it is recommended to create a series of screenshots while reproducing the issue.

Current versions of Windows contain the tool psr.exe (Problem Steps Recorder) out-of-the-box which can be used to create a series of screenshots:
  1. Open the Windows start menu
  2. Enter psr.exe into the search field
  3. Choose psr.exe from the result list to start the tool
  4. Click on: Start Record
  5. Reproduce the issue
    • psr.exe will automatically take a screenshot whenever a mouse button or the keyboard is used
    • If it would be helpful to add additional comments for a certain step, click on the Add Comment button
  6. Once the issue has been reproduced click on: Stop Record
  7. Enter a file name and save the recording to disk
  8. Provide the saved file to GFI Technical Support alongside the troubleshooter files