How to use the Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 diagnostic tool

Please Note
  • Dialogic no longer supports any SDK prior to 6.7.0
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 is supported by GFI FaxMaker but IS NOT supported by Dialogic for SDK 6.7.x

To use the Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 diagnostic tool (FDtool):
  1. Stop all of the GFI FaxMaker services
  2. Download the file:
   (for use with the 6.7.1 drivers) (What FaxMaker version 18, builds 18.0, 18.1 and 18.2 use)
           ​ - or - 
   (for use with the 6.7.5 drivers) (What FaxMaker version 18, build 18.3 and version 19 use)
  • Note: It is necessary to use the correct Diagnostic which correlates to the driver version in use. To verify the currently used drivers, review add/remove programs to find TR1034 drivers.
  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to an accessible location
  2. Run FDtool.exe
  3. When the program is opened, there should be several buttons at the top.  Click the Configure button first to open the Brooktrout configuration tool
  4. Click Advanced in the bottom right corner
  5. If an analog card is in use, click Apply, then close the configuration tool and it should navigate back to the diagnostic tool
  6. If a digital card is in use, apply the appropriate telephony settings with the card (If unsure, it may be necessary to contact the telco provider). Click Apply, then close the configuration tool and it should navigate back to the diagnostic tool.
  7. Select the card to test from the drop down and press Initialize
  8. The status for the lines should change to Waiting for call
  9. Click Tools, then select Debug (ignore the warning)
  10. To test sending, type a number into the Dialstring field and press Dial (It may be necessary to hit Enter after entering the number) 
  11. Test receiving by calling one of the internal fax lines from a fax machine
If faxing is still failing, this may indicate an issue with the board/settings or telephony network. GFI will need to create a case with Dialogic and gather the log files.
  1. Zip up the folder ..\fdtool-...\logs\
  2. Open ..\fdtool-...\config\ and find btcall.cfg and callctrl.cfg and add them to
  3. Email the numbers used to test and back to GFI
If faxing is successful in the diagnostic tool, try copying the settings from the diagnostic tool into GFI FaxMaker.
  1. Open ..\Program Files\GFI\FaxMaker\Brooktrout\TR1034\boston\config
  2. Back up btcall.cfg and callctrl.cfg
  3. Open ..\fdtool-...\config\
  4. Find btcall.cfg and callctrl.cfg and copy them to Program Files\GFI\FaxMaker\Brooktrout\TR1034\boston\config\
  5. Be sure to edit the btcall.cfg file to show the absolute path of the callctrl.cfg file found under the brooktrout directory, once copied (not the Diag directory). To modify this file, open it with notepad and edit.
  6. Start the GFI FaxMaker services and test
Please email the results of the tests so that GFI Support can continue to troubleshoot.