How to send faxes through GFI FaxMaker using the client, with no Exchange in organization

There are many options for sending faxes through GFI FaxMaker when Exchange is not present, but this article will focus primarily on using the GFI FaxMaker client to send through the SMTP instance where GFI FaxMaker is installed.

Installing the GFI FaxMaker client to send a fax through SMTP instance where GFI FaxMaker is installed:

  1. Download the client installation file and proceed to run the installer while logged in with an adminstrative account
  2. When prompted in the installation wizard, select the install radio option which notes the GFI FaxMaker fax message form only and select next
  3. For the install mode, select to install the client as through Exchange is present.  For the mailserver, specify the IP address where GFI FaxMaker is installed
    1. Note: It should not be necessary to use any other authentication methods, as the fax job will remain internal on the network.
  4.  Once the client is installed, open the application to configure the email address of the fax sender.  To do this:
    1. Navigate to Start button, then expand All Programs
    2. Select GFI FaxMaker client, then expand to select the GFI FaxMaker fax message form
    3. Once the GFI FaxMaker fax message form opens, select the options button (top right) and navigate to the SMTP options tab
    4. In the Email address: field, configure an email address of a licensed FaxMaker user account and apply.
GFI FaxMaker Web Client
  • GFI FaxMaker 2015 introduces a web based client
  • More information on setting up and using the GFI FaxMaker Web Client can be found here


The GFI FaxMaker client documentation can be located hereSome other methods for sending faxes through GFI FaxMaker with no Exchange, not covered in this article, may include: NetPrintQueue2Fax, Text API, XMLAPI.

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