How to insert a pause while dialing the fax number

When sending an outbound fax, certain fax recipients may expect to receive the fax extension after a pause once the base fax number is received. GFI FaxMaker allows to insert a pause in form of a dot or a comma. One or more dots / commas can increase(s) the length of the pause which is measured in seconds. Here are examples of fax addresses which make use of the pause in the dial string:


  • When sending a fax from the GFI FaxMaker FAX Message form, you will need to use the dot. Comma is not supported.
  • GFI FaxMaker allows to use a pause symbol in a dial string, however the fax device / PBX who handles the T30 protocol needs to translate the pause symbol into a pause tone.
In all the examples above the device will pause after dialling 003569923152 . The device will dial '222' after the pause. The length of the pause depends on the device being used.