How to Configure XCAPI with babyTEL

Applies to:
  • GFI FaxMaker
  • TE-Systems XCAPI

Please ensure that you are on XCAPI version 3.3.243 or higher. The latest XCAPI version can be downloaded from TE-Systems community downloads site at:
Note: Access to this site does require registration through TE-Systems.
  1. Launch the XCAPI Configuration: Start -> All Programs -> XCAPI -> XCAPI Configuration
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  2. Switch to Expert View: View -> Expert View
  3. Select Controller in the configuration tree
  4. On the far right of the window select New
  5. Select 'Add Voice-over-IP controller (VoIP)', then Next
  6. Select the correct interface to be used for VoIP traffic, then Next
  7. Select SIP Provider, then Next
  8. In the list of providers choose babyTEL, then Next
  9. Fill in the requested information as provided in your babyTEL registration document, then Next
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  10. Specify the number of lines/channels you will be using, then Next
  11. Select Finish
  12. Save the Configuration and then re-start the GFI FaxMaker services