How to configure Nuance eCopy ShareScan to work with the GFI FaxMaker connector

  1. Open the Nuance eCopy ShareScan Administration Console
  2. Go to the Advanced tab, click Connectors and select GFI FaxMaker from the Configure Connectors side pane
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  1. In the Configure Connector (GFI FaxMaker) pane, click Edit to open the Settings dialog
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  1. From the SMTP tab, configure the following options:
Option Description
Server Key in the machine name or IP address of the GFI FaxMaker machine.
Port Specify the SMTP port to use when communicating with GFI FaxMaker. Default SMTP port is 25.
Use SSL Select this option to use SSL.
Account & Password Specify credentials with permission to access the GFI FaxMaker machine.
Test Click to test the connection with the GFI FaxMaker machine, using the credentials specified. Ensure that the tests succeeds. If the test fails, check keyed in details and troubleshoot network connection.
Default Email address Specify the default email address to use for fax transmission from Nuance eCopy ShareScan. Unless users specify a different email address, this address is used for all communications from GFI FaxMaker, such as fax transmission reports.
Enable users to configure email address Select whether MFP users can customize the fax sender's email address from the MFP screen when sending faxes. This allows users to receive notifications directly from GFI FaxMaker, such as fax transmission reports.
  1. From the Format tab, configure the following options:
Option Description
Default Resolution Configure the default resolution when sending faxes over MFPs.
Default Priority Configure the default priority when sending faxes over MFPs.
Default Billing Code Specify the default Billing Code to use when sending faxes over MFPs. Leave field empty to not use a Billing code.
Send Cover Page Enable this option to include a cover page with the fax. For more information refer to Coverpages.
Default Cover Page

By default, GFI FaxMaker includes the default cover page as configured in the GFI FaxMaker Configuration console. Leave this field empty to use the default cover page.

To use a different cover page when sending emails via Nuance eCopy ShareScan, specify the cover page name as configured in GFI FaxMaker.

Manage Cover Note... To include a cover note with all faxes sent from MFPs, click this button and type the default cover note subject and message here. Click OK when done.
  1. From the Address Book tab, configure the following options:
Option Description
New Click to add new recipients in the address book. Users can see all recipients that are added here directly from the MFP.
Edit Select a recipient and click Edit to modify the recipient's information.
Delete Select a recipient and click Delete to remove the recipient from the Address Book. Deleted recipients are not recoverable.
Enable Active Directory recipients lookup Enable this option to retrieve the list of addresses from Active Directory. This option requires that the Nuance eCopy ShareScan machine communicates with the Active Directory server.
  1. Click OK to save changes
  2. In the Settings pane, configure the following settings:
Category Option Description
Display Label Specify the GFI FaxMaker connector name that will be shown on the MFP. Default value is GFI FaxMaker.
Image Select the connector image to be shown on MFPs. Image size cannot exceed 48*48 pixels.
Description Specify a custom connector description that will be shown to the client. Note that the description cannot exceed 255 characters. To enter a new line character, press Ctrl+Enter.
File Format File Format Option Specify the file format to use for sending the scanned document to GFI FaxMaker.
User Modify Select this option to allow users to modify the file format directly from the MFP.
Note: Other options can be configured from the Settings pane which are standard for all connectors. For more information how to configure these options, refer to the Nuance eCopy ShareScan documentation.