How to configure GFI FaxMaker with Dialogic (Eicon) Diva Server SoftIP?

GFI FaxMaker can be configured to send faxes using Dialogic (Eicon) Diva Server SoftIP.  Dialogic Diva Server SoftIP needs to be installed and configured correctly before you can configure GFI FaxMaker.

After configuring Dialogic Diva Server SoftIP, from the GFI FaxMaker Configuration -> Lines/Devices, click the Add button to add a new line.  In Device type, select ISDN PRI CAPI 2.0 devices.  Select the appropriate line number and Physical line/port.

Select ISDN PRI CAPI 2.0 devices

For each line configured using Dialogic Diva Server SoftIP, you need to click on the Answer All button. This will add all the digits from 0-9 in the MSN/DID numbers.

Click Answer All button from the properties of each line


Repeat this procedure for the amount of SoftIP lines licensed.  GFI FaxMaker supports a maximum of 30 lines.