How to change the number of DTMF/DID digits captured

In order to work correctly, this change must be made in several places:
  1. IF using a Dialogic Brooktrout TR1034 digital fax board:
    1. Open the Brooktrout Configuration Tool (Start, All Programs, ...TR1034 Drivers..), in Advanced Mode
    2. Under Call Control Parameters, select the card (Example: Module 0x2: TR1034+P4V4FH-T1-1N) and change the value under the Port A tab, Max DID Digits:
      • Note: To make fine-tuned edits of the 'Max DID Digits:' field, the keyboard arrow keys can be used
  2. In the GFI FaxMaker Configuration:
    1. Select Lines/Devices > properties > select a line > 'Properties...' button > Advanced tab > 'Routing' section
    2. Navigate to: Routing > DTMF/DID and open the Properties of each route, then change the digits in the Options tab

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