How to change the delimiters used in fax addressing


When sending a fax, the fax recipient details specified in the address are not placed in the correct fields in the cover page.


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • All supported environments


In cases where the ‘.’ is being used within the recipient details. (‘’ in the example above), a different delimiter needs to be used.
By default, it is possible to use the comma ‘,’ as a delimiter; however there can be cases where this delimiter is also used within recipient details. Therefore these 2 delimiters can be changed. This can be done as follows:
  1. Open the Registry Editor (Start > Run > type regedit and press Enter)
  2. Browse to:
  • for x86 platform: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GFI FAX & VOICE\FaxMaker\Config]
  • for x64 platform: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GFI Fax & Voice\FaxMaker\Config]
  1. Create the STRING value: FieldSeparators 
This key is used to instruct the Message Transfer Agent which separator characters it can use as field delimiters. The default values are comma and dot.
  1. Set the value for FieldSeparators to correspond to the delimiters you would like to use:
    • Example – to use either a hash ‘#’ instead of a dot, you just need to configure the FieldSeparators as follows: FieldSeparators = ,#
    • In this case, the field separator can be either a comma or a hash. Therefore these 2 characters cannot be used in the addressing information for the fax.
  2.  Restart the GFI FaxMaker Message Transfer Agent Service
When this procedure is done, it is possible to send faxes as follows:
  • Alias method
(Example:<> or John,,Smith,Sales,3544254<>)
  • <number>@domain method
(Example: orJohn,,Smith,Sales,
  • When using one off addressing with Microsoft Exchange from Microsoft Outlook, the ‘@’ sign is used as a delimiter. The ‘@’ sign cannot be removed since this is embedded within Microsoft Exchange. 
  • The ‘@’ sign should not be added as a delimiter within the Registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\GFI FAX & VOICE\FaxMaker\Config\FieldSeparators]
  • This is because the ‘@’ cannot be used as a delimiter for SMTP address since it is a reserved character in email addresses.


This occurs when sending the fax using one of the following sending methods:
  • Alias method
  • <number>@domain method
The recipient details are specified in the format: Name.Company.Surname.Department.Faxnumber
In such cases, the company name, ‘’ will be listed as ‘ABC’ in the coverpage, the surname field will be populated by ‘com’, whilst the department field will be populated by ‘Smith’.