How to backup the GFI FaxMaker configuration


  • Backup software can cause problems when files are accessed, opened or run by GFI FaxMaker and the Backup software. Your backup software should be configured to shut down all GFI FaxMaker services (before a backup is created) and to start up all GFI FaxMaker services (after the backup is completed).
  • The GFI FaxMaker services are called: GFI FaxMaker Fax Server and GFI FaxMaker Message Transfer Agent. From GFI FaxMaker 2013 and 2014: GFI FaxMaker WSAPI. From GFI FaxMaker 2015 onward: GFI FaxMaker Attendant.
  • When GFI FaxMaker machine is virtualized, it is highly recommended to create a snapshot of the virtualized machine. This allows to restore previous GFI FaxMaker version easily.


  • When GFI FaxMaker services are stopped no faxes / no SMS will be processed, sent and received

To backup the GFI FaxMaker configuration, please browse to the GFI FaxMaker root folder and create a copy of the whole GFI FaxMaker folder including sub folder. In some instances the archive database for Fax and SMS is stored outside the GFI FaxMaker root folder. In such instances please create a copy of the database.

Please verify that the backup copy contains all files and the backup is not corrupt.
  • All files with extension FST (for example: fmdb_rul.fst and fmdevcfg.fst)
  • File fmdb_rul.mdb
  • File fmsmscomms.xml
  • File config.mdb
  • File doccvt.ini
  • File remclient.ini
  • File options.ini if available
  • File
  • File
  • File rcvlog.txt
  • File sendlog.txt
  • Folder Coverpge with all of its content
  • Folder Data with all of its content
  • Folder Archive with all of its content
    • Note: This is the default archive folder, if the archive folder is changed from the configuration, make sure that you backup that folder as well.
If using a Dialogic Brooktrout fax board or Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 virtual fax software is used, please include these files also:
  • File \brooktrout\TR1034\Boston\config\callctrl.cfg
  • File \brooktrout\TR1034\Boston\config\btcall.cfg
  • File \brooktrout\TR1034\Boston\bin\*.lic  (this is the usual location of the SR140 license file, but may it be elsewhere)


  • Should a recovery be required, the backed up files can be copied to the GFI FaxMaker folder of a new installation for GFI FaxMaker. In such cases, the new installation of GFI FaxMaker must be installed over the same path as the old installation. For example: ..\GFI\FaxMaker\.