How is the sender and recipient information retrieved for the coverpage?

GFI FaxMaker will populate the sender and the recipient information either

  1. from the Active Directory, if GFI FaxMaker is installed in Active Directory mode or
  2. from the local GFI FaxMaker database, if GFI FaxMaker is installed in SMTP mode
This article explains how GFI FaxMaker retrieves this data.

GFI FaxMaker coverpages support the following fields both for the fax sender and recipient:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Company
  • Department
  • Email address
  • Fax number
  • Telephone number

Sender Information

The sender information will be retrieved depending on the mode in which GFI FaxMaker is installed:

  • Active Directory: The sender information is retrieved from the Active Directory

  • SMTP: The sender information is retrieved from the GFI FaxMaker local database and configurable from the Licensed users node in the GFI FaxMaker configuration

Note: The fields in the coverpage will only be populated if the data is available in Active Directory or in the GFI FaxMaker local database

Recipient Information

The recipient information can be obtained in a number of ways:

  • Public Contacts: When sending faxes from the email client, the recipient information can be retrieved from the public contacts. These can be enabled and configured from the GFI FaxMaker Configuration -> Advanced -> Public Contacts

  • Manually Specified: Recipient information can be specified manually together with the fax number. This can be achieved by using one of the methods documented in the following knowledge base articles:

    • Sending to <number>@faxdomain: here

    • Sending using an alias: here

  • NetPrintQueue2FAX: When sending faxes via NetPrintQueue2Fax, the recipient information is obtained from the To:, Company:, and Fax: fields, as specified in the fax

    Note: If multiple To: , Company: , and Fax: fields are present in a single document, the last occurrence of the fields will be utilized


  • All fields which can be used in the GFI FaxMaker coverpages are documented in the coverpage fields.htm located in the <..\Program Files\GFI\FaxMaker\coverpge> folder.  To check which fields are being populated, you can temporarily configure GFI FaxMaker to make use of fields.htm as your coverpage, and send some test faxes

  • Other fields included in the coverpage which are not mentioned in this article are:

    • Subject

    • Message

    • Date

    • Time

    • Total pages