How does XCAPI licensing work?

XCAPI is software that works along with GFI FaxMaker and allows you to send faxes using your IP network.  This software is licensed based on number of fax channels and includes a 1 year software upgrade service ("SUS").  This software upgrade service ensures that you will be able to upgrade to the latest technology from TE-Systems, the software vendor of XCAPI.

More information about the Software Upgrade Service can be found here:


If your XCAPI license is expired and the SUS is inactive, you will only have access to XCAPI software that was released before the expiration date.  


If you have an XCAPI license that expired on August 2013, then you are eligible for XCAPI version 3.4.0 or prior.  This release came out July 2nd, 2013, which is BEFORE the August 2013 expiration.  The next release would be version 3.4.14 from November 2013 AFTER the license expired and it will not work.  If you wish to upgrade to the latest versions of XCAPI, you can contact our sales team to renew your SUS.

XCAPI Versions

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