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GFI WebMonitor 2015 is asking for credentials


Some pages cannot be opened and a proxy authentication dialogue asking for credentials would show up.


  • GFI WebMonitor
  • All supported environments


Please follow either Solution 1 or Solution 2:

Solution 1: 
  • Change the user account of the GFI Proxy Service to the Local System Account 

Solution 2: 
  • On the domain controller please verify if the user account for the GFI Proxy Service has a Service Principal Name (SPN) registered for the proxy service. 
    Using SetSpn.exe please enter the following command into the command prompt: setspn -L usernameFQDN
  • If there are no SPN registration for the GFI Proxy Service account, please create one with this command:  setspn -s HTTP/proxymachinenameFQDN usernameFQDN

If Solution 1 or 2 should not resolve the problem, please try the following step: 
  • If the proxy setting in the clients web browser is pointing to the the hostname of the server, then change it to point to the IP of the GFI WebMonitor server.


The domain account used for the GFI Proxy Service may not have sufficient permission to perform kerberos authentication.