GFI MailArchiver 2013 Service Release 1 (build 20130704)

Type: Release
Product: GFI MailArchiver 2013
  • Improved search sorting and search by BCC
  • Added ‘prior to’ date in Archive Assistant settings
  • Corrected certain strings which were not shown correctly in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
  • Accessing a shared mailbox over IMAP may fail
  • The Archive Assistant fails to archive emails when a group mailbox restriction is included in MailArchiver
  • 'Outside Office Hours' MailInsight report is not using specified time range
  • PSTExporter has been made obsolete and replaced by the Archive Assistant
  • Distributed Deployment Manager is not distributed with the install any more. In case you have a distributed deployment environment, please contact GFI Support before you upgrade
Where to Download:
If installing on x86 version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, you need to download the x86 version of GFI MailArchiver 2013:
If installing on x64 version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, then you need to download the x64 version of GFI MailArchiver 2013:
If you are upgrading from previous GFI MailArchiver versions (GFI MailArchiver 2012 or before), you need a get a new license key. Please see the following link
If you are upgrading your environment from older versions of GFI MailArchiver, during the install process you will be asked to upgrade the Archive Stores schema. When pressing the Upgrade button, a tool will run to upgrade all Archive Stores and Auditing schemas.