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How to silently deploy custom software using GFI LanGuard

In order for LanGuard to perform completely silent installations, you will need to use a silent install switch, which can usually be found on the software manufacturers website.

Microsoft Security Essentials + the updates: 
  • mseinstall.exe /s /runwgacheck /o 
  • Mpam-fe.exe /s 
  • nis_full.exe /s 
Google Chrome Standalone Installer (All Users) 
  • chromeStandaloneSetup.exe /silent /install 
VideoLAN VLC (/l=1033 is the English language.) 
  • vlc-2.0.1-win32.exe /L=1033 /S 
  • cdbxp_setup_4.4.0.3018.exe /SILENT 
For each piece of software you want to install, you will need to research the silent install switch and add that to the Deploy custom software deployment section. 

​Note: For more information on deploying custom software, see