Recently GFI MailEssentials users may have experienced disruption to their service. We are happy to report that this is now resolved. If you have temporarily disabled Bitdefender, please re-enable it and your email service will resume. If you continue to experience any problems, follow this guide to manually update Bitdefender definitions.

How to manually download a patch in GFI LanGuard

  1. In the GFI LanGuard console, with a scan loaded, navigate to the Remediate tab > Remediation Center
  2. Select Deploy Software Updates, then select the intended patch
  3. Right click the patch and select Properties
  4. Copy the Source URL: file path into the browser and download into the Download directory: path
  5. Check if the file needs to be unblocked by opening its Properties via Windows Explorer. If you see an Unblock button on the bottom of the General tab, click it.