Error 'Called Failed 46' when sending fax ( XCAPI )


Unable to send fax. Fax fails with error 'Call failed: 46' that is shown in GFI FaxMaker monitor and / or debug logs.


  • GFI FaxMaker
  • TE-Systems XCAPI
  • All supported environments


This generic error means that GFI FaxMaker attempts to dial a fax number, but it fails to setup the fax call successfully. The reasons for a call failure can be various depending on the environment where GFI FaxMaker is installed.

The initial approaches are:

  • Check manually whether a user can dial the fax number and can hear a fax tone
  • Check if the issue persists only with this fax number and if it is reproducible
If you are using TE-Systems XCAPI to send faxes, you should ensure that your TE-Systems XCAPI license key is not inactive based on the version of TE-Systems XCAPI software installed.  If the TE-Systems XCAPI license expiration date has expired and the version of TE-System XCAPI software is newer than the expiration date, then it will cause GFI FaxMaker to report a call failed 46 error when it attempts to send a fax.

To check if the TE-Systems XCAPI license is inactive, please check the following:

Click Start > All Programs > XCAPI > XCAPI Configuration > (Make sure you are in expert view, press F8).  In the expert view, expand Licenses, select a license under this node and you will, "SUS Expiration Date".  If the version of XCAPI is newer than the expiration date, you will see, "SUS expired! License inactive."

The version of TE-Systems XCAPI will also be found here at the very bottom of the Configuration Screen.  In the screen below, TE-Systems XCAPI is running version

XCAPI Config

There are two ways to resolve this issue:
  1. You should update your Software Upgrade Service ("SUS") to use the latest technology and versions of TE-Systems XCAPI software.  You can contact our sales team here for pricing. For more details about SUS, please visit the XCAPI Website.
  2. You can also downgrade to a version of TE-Systems XCAPI that is supported by the license's expiration date.  More information on TE-Systems XCAPI licensing and versions can be found here.  Older versions of XCAPI can be obtained from TE-Systems Community Page here.  (NOTE:  Free registration is required).

IMPORTANT Downgrading TE-Systems XCAPI is not recommend if you are upgrading GFI FaxMaker.  GFI FaxMaker releases will come with a version of XCAPI that is tested for that version of our software.  GFI is also committed to ensuring that the latest releases of XCAPI that include features and bug fixes will continue to work with the latest versions of GFI FaxMaker.  However, GFI has not tested older versions of XCAPI software with our latest versions and not able to support any unexpected issues that could occur.  

If these initial approaches do not resolve the issue, then the root of the problem might be outside of FaxMaker. Please contact GFI Technical Support for further investigations. 


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